In the Studio | Sweet Southern Charm Prints Collection

I don't know what it is, but I am intrigued by all things southern (I even dedicated a board to it). I think it must have to do with the fact that I was born in the south, and although my family moved north when I was 6, I grew up in a very small town in south-west Ohio that is very country. I also have traveled back and forth more times then I care to remember to visit my dad and his side of the family! I wish I still had the southern accent I had when I was 6. Hopefully, now that I'm back in the south, I'll get a little bit of my draw back. :)

Today, I just wanted to share some prints that I now have for sale in my shop.The first 5 have been available for a few weeks now and I have already sold quite a few, but I just added 4 more! There is something so "charming" about these "sweet" little phrases and I'm really happy how they turned out! I made some notecards to give away at this weekend's workshop, and I'm working on making them available through Etsy!

My favorites are Bless Your Heart, Gimme Some Sugar, & Goodness Gracious. How about you?

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