Inspiration Found: In Floral Design

Being a designer, I am constantly finding inspiration everywhere! In nature, in pictures, even in those recyclable grocery bags (true story). Inspiration can strike anywhere at any time and I thought it might be fun to share from time to time what has inspired a certain design of mine.

This time around, inspiration found me through floral design. This bouquet created by Ella Bella Floral for one of their couples is amazing.I have been obsessed with it since I first came across it on Pinterest. I love the colors, I love the floral choices, and most of all - I love the way it makes me feel. This image has been my main source of inspiration throughout my re-branding process. It's perfect.

My aunt asked me to design an invitation for my cousin, Amy, who was turning 16. We decided on a luau theme and I looked to the Ella Bella bouquet for my source of inspiration. I just love the color combo and I'm really happy with how the invitations turned out! 

On a non-design related note - my aunt also asked me to help chaperone this party (it was a sleepover party for a bunch of her girlfriends at a hotel). We were down by the pool while the girls were swimming and guess who was hanging out right beside us? JASON ALDEAN. Turns out his daughter was having a birthday party there as well! I went right up to him and his wife and introduced myself. I have no clue what I said (I probably made a huge fool of myself) but it was just one of those things I had to do! Ha! Sadly, I did not get any photos of that exciting occasion. He was with his family and it just didn't feel right! The memories will have to suffice! :)

I hope y'all enjoy the rest of your Wednesday! :)

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  1. Hi Stephanie... thanks for featuring our bouquet and sharing it with your readers. We love how you turned it into an invite! You are very talented:)