A New & Final Face

June 22, 2012
Today I am beyond thrilled to share with you my new (& 100% permanent) logo. If you've been here before, you may have seen a few different versions, but I won't get in to that - moving forward, right? ;) From the beginning of my journey in early 2009 I knew two things to be true. 1. I wanted to have my own creative business. and 2. I wanted my logo to be done in calligraphy. I played around with script typefaces, and although beautiful, they lacked the unique and handmade feel I was looking for. There are some things only pen and paper can do! 

A few months ago I started seriously searching for a calligrapher. Checking out their styles and emailing back and forth until I found the perfect fit. Finally, I came across Angi, of Angelique, Ink. Not only was I smitten with her work but she was so nice and wonderful to work with. During the 1st revision round she took my suggestions and really listened to what I was saying and she nailed it right on the head. We didn't have to go any further! She was also very patient as I waited weeks to give my response. As I've said before, I want my brand to be a full reflection of me and my business and I want to make sure I put lots of thought into it. Thank you so much, Angi. You're amazing & I can't wait to work together in the future! :)

As far as the color(s) - I can not tell you how much I love them. I'm kind of nervous to be putting this out here because I feel like I'm taking a bit of a risk. When my (wonderful) aunt suggested I use all of the colors I loved, I kind of thought she was crazy and did not expect to like it at all. Whatsoever. I don't know too many logos out there that have this many colors going on, and yet, it just works. For me. I love the way it makes me feel when I look at it. It's the same way I feel when I look at this photo which is how I know it's right.

Back in March, I had the opportunity to attend the Amber Housley Inspired Workshop here in Nashville. It was such a great experience and just what I needed at the time to ignite that fire inside of me again. I'm so proud of the progress I have made and so ready to just keep pushing towards all my wildest dreams.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and PLEASE tell me what you think of my new logo! I hope you love it as much as I do because friends, it's here to stay!

Happy Summer, Y'all!

June 20, 2012
It's officially the first day of Summer. Ah, if only I could spend every waking moment out by the pool or out on the lake sipping lemonade and sweet tea out of a mason jar (because let's face it, there really is no better way to do it). That would be the life! I have a really busy two weeks ahead but I hope to pop in now and then in the meantime! I have my very first photoshoot for Stephanie Creekmur coming up and I'm very excited and super nervous so I hope to share some fun things going on with that!

But for now, enjoy this video I found over at Southern Weddings (one of my FAVORITE blogs even though I'm not planning a wedding. I love southern details!). Also, be sure to head on over to Southern Weddings to see the gorgeous photos from this Southern Summer Shoot. Have a great Wednesday, folks! :)

Blue Eyed Yonder presents Summer in the South from Artworks Wedding Cinema on Vimeo.

Disney Bound | Where Dreams Come True

June 8, 2012
Just popping in to say hello! Things have been so crazy busy (& fun) here lately that I haven't had any extra time to blog! On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to go to the CMT Award show! That was such a fun experience and I'm glad to be able to check that off the list! The CMA Festival is this weekend here in Nashville so there is so much going on!

I also wanted to say that although things have been quiet this week, they are really going to be quiet next week because after 26 years I am finally going to Disney World. I am so ecstatic, I can't wait! I am going with my dad and my two sisters! It will be so much fun. My sisters and I fully intend on acting like 5 year-old little girls and getting every single princess's autograph. No shame here, people. No shame. I have lots to share with you about Stephanie Creekmur Design and can't wait to show you some behind the scenes stuff! :)

Oh and if you know me, you know I am smitten over bright colors. They just make me so happy, which is why this Rainbow Wedding Inspiration Shoot shared over on the Wedding Chicks caught my eye. There are so many charming details and while it's not exactly my style, there are so many elements I love. Check it out!

Have a great weekend, y'all! :)