In the Studio | A Birthday Card for Mama

This is yet another long overdue post but I still wanted to share it! My mama's birthday was back in August and instead of buying a card, I decided to make her one. I can't ever seem to find a card that I like both the content and design, so I was much happier creating something myself.

I designed and printed an envelope liner because let's face it, every envelope deserves a pretty liner. And the quote I used for the front and inside actually came from a card I had found at the store but it was so ugly I couldn't bare to purchase it. All in all, I was pretty satisfied with the outcome! :)

Please excuse the horrible iPhone photos! I was lucky I remembered to take a few before I sealed up the card! ;)

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  1. Hey Stephanie! I've been admiring your work and love relating to you as a designer! I've just recently closed my etsy shop because it was JUST. TO. MUCH.

    Ful time job + etsy shop + freelance projects was taking WAY too much time away from my husband and real life.

    Despite all that, I do still love to learn more and do you make your envelope liners? Do you hand cut them yourself? Have a print shop that does them for you? Also, do you handmade all of your other products? Or do you send them to a printer to have them made?

    Best of luck to you!