Inspiration Dances With the Daring

Last night while I was working late in my studio (It wasn't really that late. I'm talking 11 PM but I'm trying to train myself to think that 11 PM is indeed a late hour.) a commercial came on the TV. I think it was a car commercial but I honestly couldn't tell you because I wasn't really watching the television. I just had it on for background noise, but clear as day I heard the above. We have to get out and live life. Take time for family and friends and things that matter! If we spend all of our time cooped up working we are only harming ourselves and the creative process. I just love everything about these words. And because I am who I am, I had to stay up extra late turning it into a pretty graphic. Isn't the gradient from my logo just gorgeous? I fall more and more in love with it every day.

Anyway, I feel like an overachiever bringing you two blog posts today! ha! I hope your Thursday is going fabulously and that you are hard at work finding your purpose and making your dreams come true!

P.S. See that pretty little butterfly? More on that coming oh so soon! ;)

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