Saying Goodbye to Icon Lilly Pulitzer

Pattern is Crash Landing by Lilly Pulitzer
I was so sad to hear about the passing of fashion icon, Lilly Pulitzer. The story of her company ("it all started with a juice stand", ya know) and the journey of her brand is so inspiring. The bright colors and bold patterns are a constant inspiration. While I was trying to choose a favorite Lilly print for the graphic above, my search quickly came to an end when I read the description for Crash Landing.

"A little known fact: when designing her first logo, Lilly chose to feature butterflies. She loved their free-spirited essence and the vibrant colors and patterns on their wings. In Crash Landing, we put butterflies back where they belong - front and center. This fashion-forward print combines stripes with subtle butterflies coming in for a crash landing on a collection of beautiful blooms."

Rest in peace, Lilly. Your style has inspired generations and I'm sure it will for years to come.

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