Memorial Day Weekend Party Ideas

Hello my loves! Happy Thursday! I just wanted to pop in and share an updated version of a past post I did on Memorial Day party ideas. (I switched out the image there so it matches this one, FYI.) It has been pinned a lot here lately as people are planning for their 3 day weekends! I wasn't all that happy with the original graphic so I decided to update it a bit! Links for the sources are below!

It will probably be pretty quiet around here until Tuesday! Tomorrow is my last day at my part time job! As of 2 PM tomorrow afternoon I will officially be 100% self-employed. I am equal parts excited and terrified! This new chapter of life is sure to be full of ups and downs but I welcome them all with open arms because I know I am doing what I was made to do!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend with family and friends! I'd also appreciate it if you'd be a dear and head over to watch my story and donate so I can get back to Haiti this July! Thank you, kindly! :)

1 | I want to attend this backyard BBQ.
2 | Such a simple and beautiful dessert that would work for any party!
3 | Loving the streamers. I definitely think I need to make a plaid backdrop using this same technique...
4 | The hanging lanterns add a perfect whimsy, summer touch and the table spread is gorgeous! 
5 | I have never in my life thought of dressing up hot dogs, but after seeing these I can't figure out why?

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