The little things are the big things.

I have not done very well sharing the fun opportunities I had this summer, but with all the tasks of running a small business, blogging is the first to take a back seat! I'm still hoping to share about my return to AH Inspired and my first experience at Stationery Academy, but I'm not making any promises as to when that will happen! But, today I do want to share a little piece from Stat Acad as well as a new project we've been working on here in the Stephanie Creekmur studio!

On the first night of SA we were asked to make our "Big Crazy Dreams" list. This was pretty easy for me because I am a big dreamer and I am always looking to the future. The first thing on my list was "Build one well a month each year in Haiti and beyond." It blows my mind and breaks my heart that there are people on this planet that die simply because they don't have clean water to drink. It's unacceptable and pathetic and I want to do my part to help the situation. I know I've been given this business to do good in the world, so I'm going to try and do just that! Let it also be known that I had selfish items mixed in my list as well - be featured in Southern Living, have the opportunity to travel frequently, have a farm house - just to be clear. :)

Everyone was very supportive of my goal, including Whitney but she also wanted to make sure that if the other attendees didn't have charity work on their lists that it was OK and what they do is still just as important. I chimed in because I whole-heartedly agree. We all are in the business of making people's lives more beautiful and we focus on the little details. I said "the little things are the big things" in life. Sending someone a handwritten note is much more thoughtful than just sending a text and what we do is important. That seemed to resonate with the group so when I went to send them each a note after I returned from SA, I included that message on the front of the card (pictured above). I framed one and I'm going to hang it in my bedroom so I always have a reminder! 

Now, back to my "big crazy dream" of building wells in Haiti... While we're not quite in a position to build one a month, we are going to start small and we have set the goal to build our first well in 2014! If you take a look at the sidebar there is a new graphic where you can donate and keep up with our progress. I have already contributed the $250 to get us started! We are in the process of developing some products that are specifically designed to help you remember to do good in the world and all proceeds will go directly to the well fund. We will be back to share more information such as what products will be available to support the cause, where the well will be, exactly how much it will cost ($4,000 is my current estimate) and when it all will happen. We appreciate your prayers so much as we go forward with this project and can't wait to share more! As always if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email.

P.S. How beautiful is that vintage floral fabric in the photo? It was my Grandma Shirley's and I got it after she passed away. I love it so much and miss her even more!

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