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I don't know about y'all, but today I have plain enjoyed myself. There is just something so wonderful about a lazy Sunday, especially when the weather turns cooler! As I sit here snuggled up under the covers with my furbaby Bella, I am realizing that our days outside are numbered. My sister and I moved into a new house at the beginning of the month and it has a really great outside area in the back (complete with stone fireplace!) and we are so excited to entertain! While I was searching Pinterest for "party on the porch" type get togethers, I actually came across a dinner party my aunt and I styled for Sterling Wine's, Ultimate Host Challenge. They partnered with one of our favorites, Pizzazzerie to find the Ultimate Host! We only had one day to put it all together because Christie was leaving for Hawaii. Lucky her, right? :) Bad news is we didn't win. Good news is we had a great time and now I have a gorgeous fall tablescape to share with y'all. 

September here in Tennessee is still very pleasant so we decided to set up the dinner party out on the screened in porch. We only had 4 dining room chairs so we used those (only 2 shown here for better viewing of the table) and put two patio chairs on the ends. Work with what you have. Mixing and matching adds layer, texture, and interest to your event!

Although you can't read the window in the photos, it was a big hit. Each pane featured a greeting to guests, the menu, quotes about wine and good friends (i.e. Friends don't let friends drink bad wine.) and a showcasing of the wine served for the evening.

 Because the challenge was being hosted by a vineyard we wanted to make sure the wine was front and center so we made it our centerpiece! The apple basket was the perfect fall decoration to accompany the wine in the centerpiece. We tied shipping tags with twine to our wine bottles.The tags stated "drink me" and "drink and be merry". It was a fun added little detail to the dinner!

We only had 4 green pates and thought they looked great with the brown table cloth, so we set 4 places with those and anchored the table with 2 white square plates at the heads of the table. It switched things up a bit and added another texture. Seriously y'all, use what you have! :)

We had some shipping tags left over from Christmas wrapping so we used a gold scrapbooking pen to write each guests name on them! We took our Martha Stewart Edger Punch to create the doily trim and tied a bow with some left over twine! For napkins we went through our fabric scraps and were lucky enough to find just enough of this fall floral to use. They weren't all exactly the same size but when folded up you couldn't tell! Again, use what you have!

This last photo isn't the greatest quality (it was taken with my iPhone) but it was the photo that showed the glowing candles the best. To make our table feel more grounded and more, I'm supposed to be here sort of thing, we decided to create a mason jar chandelier. It was super easy. All we needed were some s hooks, twine, mason jars, votive candles, and some sand to anchor the candles. It was really beautiful and it was sad to take it down but it worked perfectly to make our fall tablescape just a little more cozy.

Have you done any entertaining outside in the fall? I'd love to see as I gather inspiration! :)

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