Pinch Me! Southern Living's Great Big Christmas Giveaway!

I think I visit this giveaway daily just to see if it's really true. Am I actually a part of the Southern Living Great Big Christmas Giveaway? YES!!! I am so excited and honored to be December 18th! You can enter daily to win a number of fabulous prizes, including our gold foil Sweet as a Peach print and  Southern Sayin' pencils!

I debated sharing this next piece of information incase it doesn't pan out how I hope it does, but because I am an over-sharer and this was a moment I was actually ready when "Martha" called, here it goes! I was contacted (through Etsy!) back in August by an Editor at Southern Living. She was interested in my Southern Sayin' Pencil Set for their HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE in the MAGAZINE and I kindly directed her to my newly launched website! I was so excited (understatement of the century) but tried not to get my hopes up. A couple weeks went by without hearing anything, and THEN.

I received an EMAIL from the editor requesting product so they could photograph in-house. I about fell out of my chair! She asked for my Heavens to Betsy print, Sweet as a Peach print (in all colors and sizes) and my Southern Sayin' pencil set. I sent those along with a few others, ya know - just in case! THEN, I received a second email asking if I'd be interested in being included in the SL Christmas Giveaway. Um, hello - YES! It all happened so quickly and I am beyond excited to see the giveaway up and online!

If there could possibly be a negative to this whole opportunity it would be that even though I provided them with all the necessary information, somewhere along the line it got mixed up. Mainly, my website is and while the one listed will get you to a SC website, it's the Big Cartel site, not the new Shopify one we just launched on Monday! We're working on getting people who visit there redirected and I'm hoping it will get worked out on the giveaway, but regardless I am so thankful to have been included!

UPDATE* Great news! We were able to get the information updated on the giveaway and now people will be directed to our new site! We also had another product added to the giveaway - the Stephanie Creekmur Coaster Set! I am so excited and can't wait until December 18th!

Last I heard (from a copy editor), out of the items I sent, they were planning to include the Sweet as a Peach print and the Southern Sayin' pencil set in the magazine (eeeek!). Now the waiting game begins! I'd appreciate a few prayers - not that I necessarily make it in the magazine (though while you're at it, might as well add that request!) but that no matter what happens I never lose sight of why I am able to do what I do. It's so much more than creating beautiful things and I hope we're able to do amazing things (like build a well!!) in 2014 as a result of this feature!

We just got a bunch of new product samples in so I'm off to snap a few photos! Hope y'all have a wonderful day!


  1. That's amazing Stephanie! I've been a fan of your products since I first discovered them. Keep up the good work my Southern sister!