NSS 2014 | We're Headed to the Big Show!

If you follow our shop on Instagram (if you don't, I highly suggest you do - that's where you'll get every scoop first, my friends!) you already know this but for those of you who don't... We will be exhibiting at the National Stationery Show in New York City this May! I made the decision back in August shortly after returning from Stationery Academy! I am so honored to be exhibiting with the Stationery Academy booth with three other insanely talented ladies - Jennifer Faught of Something Detailed, Josie Parsley and Rachel Fraser of Fraser & Parsley and Amy Kinslow of Southern Fried Design Barn. Being able to have these ladies by my side and have the guidance of stationery queens Whitney English and Natalie Chang is more than I could ever ask for as a first time exhibitor! 

This journey has been one full of fear from the very start. I almost declined the opportunity because I was terrified and just couldn't imagine how I would pull it off. Then the idea that I was saying no to something because I was afraid of failure, scared me even more. I have never let fear dictate my life and I didn't intend to start then. It's probably the scariest thing I've ever jumped into head first but I know good things are coming - as well as a lot of hard work!

And incase you were wondering if you're the only person on the planet who Google's stupid questions, I'm here to tell you you're not alone. This is one of the first questions I searched for an answer to after signing up for NSS: "Is it paper suicide to take digitally printed products to the National Stationery Show?" See! We all do it! :)

I have been working away and have lots of new things in the works that I want to share with y'all but for now, mum's the word! I do hope to share more about my journey along the way and I am so excited for what's to come!

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