My 5 Year Entrepreneurship Anniversary!

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Disclaimer: This is a wordy post but if you're looking for a discount code you're in luck! Scroll to the bottom! ;)

With this little business of mine there are many dates that stand out for me. Like the day I attended the first ever Amber Housley Inspired workshop. When I finally took my business full-time. Or when I launched my very own online shop. But one of the most important, and one that I seem to miss every year in the hustle and bustle, is the date I started on this journey of entrepreneurship. It was February 27th, 2009 and I was attending The Ohio State University and living in the Dollhouse (the affectionate name we gave to our tiny little yellow house on Woodruff Street).

All of my roommates were going out for the night and for whatever reason (I'm guessing there was snow on the ground!) I decided to stay in. I spent the evening on our living room floor working from our coffee table and that was the night I discovered "real" bloggers. I had kept a blog for quite awhile but it was basically an online journal so I was amazed to see people making a living off their creative efforts. I came across an invitation designer who seemed to be fairly successful. I was less than impressed with the designs and because I was so naive, I thought, "Hey! I can so do that!". Looking back now, I'm ashamed that I so easily judged that designer's work but I'm also thankful for my lack of knowledge. If I truly had known all that went into a creative business I might have said, "no thank you" and kept on moving. Luckily, I dove head first as I do with many situations in my life and I have never looked back. I created a free website and posted it to Facebook that very night. Remnants of that first website are still up if you need a good laugh and some reassurance that every one has to start somewhere! (You can read more about how I got started here: My Story, Part 1.)

I have never had Plan B. There has always been Plan A. While my "plan" has grown and evolved and shifted a little from where it started, the goal has always been to be creatively self-employed and I have stuck to that dream like glue. If Plan A is where your heart is then forget Plan B all together. Failure is something I am afraid of if I think about it but honestly it's not really an option for me. This has to work. This will work. I know that because I believe it's part of my story and why I am on this Earth. As long as I keep working hard and listening more to Him than I do myself, I know I will be able to sustain.

Change that "than" to "then" and that "all together" to "altogether"! Sheesh - I need a personal spell-checker! ;)

SO! In honor of the last five years filled with more blood, sweat and tears (and so much JOY!) than I could ever have imagined, receive $5 OFF all orders placed now until Sunday, March 9th when you use coupon code "HAPPYFIVE".

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