Stationery Academy Comes to Music City!

I can't believe Stationery Academy has already come and gone! I was anxiously awaiting its arrival for many months and just like that, it's over! This was my second time attending but this time around was extra special because not only was I able to attend and focus on future plans for Stephanie Creekmur, but I was also a guest speaker sharing about signature style and online shops!

Thank you so much to Hayley of Hayley Stell Photography for capturing all the beautiful moments from our week. It was so nice not to have to worry about snapping quick photos with my iPhone because I knew she was getting everything! She is beautiful inside and out and is insanely talented! Be sure you take a look at her work for yourself!

With Whitney English, Natalie Chang and Jennifer Faught heading things up, there was no doubt it would all be fabulous and filled to the brim with surprises. Nicolle of Libby Lane Press was the other guest speaker and I enjoyed meeting her so much! She has an amazing spirit - it's contagious!

Below are just a few of the darling details from the week.

Whitney is always reading books and studies so she is always spouting out insanely useful (and sometimes peculiar) information. Before the attendees arrived she told the speakers about a TED Talk she had seen about body language and self confidence. She had us all stand with our arms open in hopes that we would loosen up and feel more confident!

And then of course we had to do it again with all the attendees. I definitely think it loosened everyone up!

I am now painfully aware of the facial expressions I make, thanks to Hayley! Ha! I've always been told I'm photogenic - but there is a difference between knowing how to smile for a photo when it's being taken and just looking good in a photo whether you're ready or not!

The first evening we had dinner at the Loveless Cafe which is a must-see when visiting Nashville. We took a bus from the hotel and there were beverages and koozies passed out! I had the honor of lettering a southern saying for the koozie and can you believe that I A. don't have a photo of the koozie and B. don't even have a koozie myself! But, you can see the lettering below! Once we got to Loveless the details waiting for us were precious - probably my favorite of the week - and dinner was amazing.

Photo via my Instagram

This was the first time I had spoken at a conference and I was so nervous and intimidated. What would I have to share that these successful women would want to hear? I get quite a few emails each week regarding my branding and tips for selling online so I have been working on a workbook to help answer these very questions. (More on that workbook later!) I basically just pulled from my notes and research for the workbook because I thought it might be what the attendees had questions about as well! I thought it went well but definitely felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants! I had so much information I wanted to share and feel like I skipped over a bunch for the sake of time! But  overall, I'm really happy with how it all went and am thankful for the opportunity!

The graduation dinner was held at Amerigo, a delicious Italian restaurant down the street from our hotel. Again, the details were stunning and the evening was filled with yummy food and wonderful conversation. Each day and night you are placed next to someone different so you have many opportunities to connect with all of the attendees. 

I can't say enough about the experience and I'm so thankful to have been a part of it. I love the women I met so much and I can't wait to see where they take their businesses. It's a very intimate experience and relationships are formed rather quickly. That tends to happen when you're in a room with a bunch of people who just get it and you are asked to share your greatest fears and biggest dreams.

Photo via Angie Sandy
There is another session this July that will be held in Chicago. I am so excited (and if I'm honest, a little jealous) for those 20-something creative entrepreneurs that will experience something so amazing that will continue to bless them long after the conference is over. If you are a paperpreneur or have dreams of starting your own stationery business I highly suggest you be on the lookout for the 2015 sessions as they will sell out extremely fast. It's an investment but oh so worth it! If you have any questions about the conference feel free to shoot me an email! :)


  1. Love seeing a whole new group...and of course all the goodies! :)

  2. It's in my Whitney English Day Designer as a goal to make it to a StatAcad event next year!! Your review made me that much more excited and inspired to make it happen!!

  3. Thanks, Penny! It was all fabulous of course! :)

    I hope you make it happen, Lindsey! It will not disappoint and you will be amazed at the changes that happen not only in your business but in yourself!