Why Our Logo is Changing... Again.

I know I say this a lot, but... If you follow us on Instagram, you have already seen this little peek into what I've been secretly working on. As I kind of suspected, I've received quite a few questions regarding why in the world I would want to change our (beautiful, amazing, etc.) logo? After all, I did just debut her in June of 2012 and I truly do love it so much!

First, let me say that I have used my current logo far longer than any other face I've given my company, (You can read more about my story and logo transformations if you're interested.) but it just doesn't make sense for me anymore. Updating my logo has been on my mind for quite a few months but I have put it off for so long because I love my logo. It still makes me so happy when I see it, but beyond just being pretty, I love the journey I went through for that transformation.

There are many reasons why I could keep my current logo, but these are the reasons why I feel it's necessary for growth.

01. I WANT SOMETHING UNIQUE. | When I started on my DIY branding journey I had many questions yet to be answered, but there was one thing I knew for sure. I knew I wanted a handwritten logo. I sell stationery and am a cheerleader for the handwritten note and it just felt right. After months of searching for the perfect fit, I hired Angi of Angelique Ink. She's fabulous and so easy to work with and if you're looking for a calligrapher I will always include her on my list of recommendations. In fact, I responded to many emails and Facebook messages regarding my logo and who was responsible for the beautiful lettering. But, the problem with hiring a calligrapher for your logo, is that other people can and will hire them too. I want to create a unique and sustaining brand and I feel it's important our logo is all our own.

02. I HAND LETTER A MAJORITY OF OUR PRODUCTS. | For the past year I've incorporated many hand-lettered elements into our products and I want to continue to do this because I enjoy it so much and it's one of the things that make our products unique. It seems a little weird to me that I hand letter for our product lines but our logo was lettered by someone else.

03. I DON'T OFFER CALLIGRAPHY. | Our logo is in a beautiful style of modern calligraphy, but we don't offer calligraphy services in our shop and our products don't include that style either. It seems a bit misleading and for us it's just another reason we are ready to evolve to the next phase.

At this point I don't have anything set in stone, but progress is being made towards a change! I just wanted to fill y'all in so you're not surprised when we debut the new logo! And as always, if you want to be in the loop first, follow along on Instagram!

Hope y'all have a great day!

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  1. Stephanie, that is so frustrating!