National Letter Writing Month

Photo by Freestone Photography

I don't think it's any secret that I am a cheerleader for the handwritten note. There is something so special about someone taking the time to actually put pen to paper, even if it's just for a quick hello! In a stack of bills, a letter from a loved one can truly turn my day around! It takes effort to write and send a letter and means so much more than a quick text or email.

It just so happens that April is National Card and Letter Writing Month! It's an annual effort to promote literacy and celebrate the art of letter writing. "The writing, sending and receiving of letters, post cards and greeting cards is a tradition that has preserved our nation's history and changed lives. Unlike other forms of communications, card and letter writing is timeless, personal and immediately tangible."

Letter writing is definitely a dying form of communication and we are on a mission to save it! So get out your set of personalized stationery (or buy some southern sayin' note cards from our shop!) and send out a few handwritten notes this month!

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  1. I love a handwritten note as well. Last year, my goal was to write 52 letter each week. I actually found myself sending more letters. I haven't aimed for 52 this year, but I do frequently send them. I think it all started when I was a child and had a pen pal. I loved going to the mailbox :)