SC Letters | 02

I know I just introduced this series, but I'm so excited about it that I'm going to share another today! I am going to switch it up a little bit though! I want to share a resource I recently came across, that has been a lifesaver during my NSS prep! When I decided to launch a 60+ greeting card line, I knew that I wanted to hand letter most of them (all but 20 are brand new and hand lettered by yours truly!). Hand lettering the phrases and sentiments, alone is pretty time consuming and then I have to scan the sketches into the computer and spend even more time perfecting before I get to the final product. Thankfully, a few weeks back Angie (Angie Sandy Design & Illustration) took the time to give me a few pointers that really made the process go quicker. I'm so thankful for friends I've made in this industry that really are invested in building up others. Thank you, Angie!

While I have been able to speed up my time in the computer with Angie's tips, I was still feeling pretty overwhelmed with all I had to vectorize. Enter Swiftly. They help out with small graphic design projects - updating business cards, Facebook/Twitter graphics, etc. (Perfect for those of you who either aren't graphic savvy or don't have the software needed!) From their website: "Got a small design job? We'll do it, fast. For just $19, we'll match your job with a skilled graphic designer and complete it in less than one hour."

Sure enough, I uploaded my file (my scanned in hand lettering), asked them to turn my sketches into vectors and requested an Adobe Illustrator file in return. Boom. Within the hour I had my file and was able to quickly move on to designing my cards! (Scroll down for a peek at two of our new hand lettered southern sayin' cards! They will be available in just a few short weeks!) You have to pay up front ($19) for your projects (get a free task with the link below!) but you are given the option to make revisions and they have a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the outcome of your project! Sounds like a win win to me!

Head on over to Swiftly and get a FREE task so you can try it out for yourself! Full disclosure: If you use the link I will get a free task as well. That being said, I would share this resource with or without the freebie, because it is something that has truly been helpful in the last few weeks! :)

SC Letters is a series in which I post a bit of hand lettered work. See previous entries here!