NSS 2014 | Marketing Materials

Surprise! I'm back with one more post for y'all before I leave town! I have a to-do list that still has many to-do's needing to be checked off (like packing!) but in typical Stephanie fashion, I am finding other fun things to do instead! Like snapping some photos of the marketing materials I'll be taking with me to New York! I've had quite a few requests over on Instagram to see more and while I'm not going to share everything just yet, I wanted to give a little closer look! The photos were taken with my iPhone so I apologize if you can't see everything as clearly as you'd like to! 

Pictured above (left to right) are our press kits, wholesale catalogues, business cards and postcards. Looking at these I kind of wish I would have snapped some product photos on this chalkboard for the catalogue. I am loving the contrast with our bright colors! 

Press Kits.  These are so fun and I love how they turned out (I love the yellow gingham bows that tie them together) but there was a slight hiccup with production! In the last couple of weeks I swear I've been losing my mind and I messed something up with the original file so I had to have them re-printed! Not exactly the best case scenario because not only did it set my timeline back but it was also an additional cost! I will share more on these (what they look like inside and what all was included) next week when I'm back but there is a little more BTS detail over on, you guessed it, Instagram!

Wholesale Catalogues. I am really proud of how these turned out. In the beginning I had thought I would have them printed and assembled by a printer but after I received a couple quotes I quickly realized that was not the route I wanted to go. I just couldn't see spending $1,500 on something that will have to be updated and re-printed in just a few months. Also, my budget for the show was very small and very strict and this was one area I was able to cut the cost down by about $1,000!

Business Cards. These are the same cards I've been carrying for about two years! I still really love the way they look and I think they do a great job communicating our brand clearly. All I had to change was our tagline!

Postcards. These are items I had printed so I would have something to pass out between a business card and a wholesale catalogue. Not everyone who visits our booth will be interested in a catalogue so I wanted something else to offer. I had two sets printed but the front of both look the same. One set has the Stephanie Creekmur manifesto and our contact information on the back and the other has our show special and contact information.

That's it for now! If y'all have any specific questions about anything just leave them in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them in my NSS posts I have planned for after I return from the show! I'd also love if you would say a little prayer for me! I am pretty nervous, not only about how the show goes and how people respond to our new line, but also just about being in New York City! It's such a big place and the thought of catching taxi cabs is enough to make me nauseous! I've caught a cab before but in small cities like Columbus and Nashville! I'm sure it's the same but in my mind it's much scarier! Ha! Anyway! I'll see y'all on the flip side! xo - Steph

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