I've already shared the story of how J proposed and how I asked my bridesmaids to be part of our special day and today I want to share about our engagement party that happened right after the proposal!

As we were leaving the church J said we were going to dinner at a special place. We agreed we would wait to call everyone (because there were a lot of people to call and we wanted to soak it all in) until after dinner. J was kind of acting like he was lost and I thought he was turning around in this cabin's driveway. There were a bunch of cars so I was embarrassed that he was pulling all the way in! I was thinking these people are going to be wondering who's pulling in their driveway.

Then I started to recognize some cars. I looked at J and he says, there is one more surprise! We walked into the cabin and our families were there waiting for us. It was so special to have my family there to celebrate with us and there are a million reasons I love J but his thoughtfulness has to be in the top five. All of the planning he put into this day to make it special and memorable was just amazing. It was the best day ever!

I'm so thankful my Aunt Christie was able to snap all of these photos! :)

My momma created adorable chalkboard signs that were hung up all over the cabin. I love the doily trim! Everyone, of course, made J and I choose a sign to pose with! We chose "You're everything I never knew I wanted." That statement couldn't be any more true! <3

This photo was SUPER posed (you know how moms can get) and Jeremy and I are cracking up and whispering what the heck are we doing right now? But, I am "gonna be a Capan" and I could not be happier!

The party was so fun and I'm so thankful everyone was there to celebrate with us and I can't thank my momma and family enough for the special details! I mean check out the names on some of the food... Hilarious!

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