In today's creative world, it seems there are an infinite amount of workshops and conferences with new ones popping up every day. If you're new to the game, it can be so hard to decide what will benefit you and your business. Pretty pictures and buzz words can make it hard to weed out the best from the fluff. 

If you've followed me for any amount of time, you know I am a huge supporter of Stationery Academy. It has greatly shaped me as a business owner and has transformed my business in ways I never thought possible. (You can read about my experiences as a speaker at my second and third Stat Acad!) If you've been on the fence about attending, I cannot recommend it enough! (Registration is open until January 15th!) If you have any questions at all I'm more than happy to answer them! Following your dreams can be scary but I promise, if you step out off the ledge you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner. I took my business full-time two and a half years ago and it has been one of the biggest challenges yet greatest blessings in my life.

With just a few registrations left, I thought I would share my top 5 reasons why you need to attend. 


Jennifer is the President of Stationery Academy and she is also one of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever met in my seven years in the industry. I am so thankful I met her back in 2012 and I value her friendship and mentorship more than I could ever say. She is so passionate about helping other creative women business owners. She shares helpful and honest content (FOR FREE) through newsletters, blog posts and social media and will be part of your support system long after the conference is over.


The content at Stationery Academy is incredible. I have all of my worksheets and notes on my desk every day. I go back to them frequently and if I walked away from SA with those alone, it would have been worth it, 100%.

At the last conference in Phoenix, Jennifer made a comment during one of the sessions. She said, "Just because it's pink, doesn't mean it's stupid." That couldn't be more true. A lot of conferences out there ARE all fluff. With Stationery Academy you get education, action steps, community AND all the fluff. (And the swag at Stationery Academy is pretty fabulous. You WILL squeal multiple times throughout the conference.) It truly is a one of a kind experience.


Often times, conferences use big names to promote their event. The women who speak at Stationery Academy are absolutely mind blowing and pioneers in their fields. They run successful, profitable businesses that bring in much more than a large Instagram following. Jennifer does an amazing job, not only having speakers with big names and large followings, but who are also incredibly smart and innovative. (And for the record, I'm not talking about myself! Ha! I am amazed and humbled by the women I've been able to learn from at each conference!)

Another thing I love about this conference is that the speakers are not separated from the attendees. As a speaker we sit through the sessions and take notes just like everyone else. They will be accessible to you at meals and breakouts and while they're there to teach, they will be learning and asking questions right beside you. 


Business Facebook groups are another thing that seems to have exploded. Every day I come across a new one and it can be overwhelming to say the least. At the beginning of this year, I hid all business groups from my timelines except for the Stationery Academy Alums group. It is invaluable and such a great resource for information. There are so many talented women from different fields who have attended Stationery Academy (invitation designers, photographers, bloggers, product designers, calligraphers) so you get advice from all different angles. It's also a place where we lift each other up when a goal has been accomplished. Just launched your new website? Tell your SA friends. They will be your biggest cheerleaders. Just to have the support from other creative entrepreneurs is worth attending.


I can't say enough about this. I do not know what I would do without the connections and relationships I have made through Stationery Academy. I've been able to co-host a couple of webinars with Stationery Academy and connect with other creatives. I've also been able to exhibit at the National Stationery Show twice in the SA booth. That alone opened too many doors to count. 

I really could go on and on and each reason I listed above, if it were the only thing I got out of attending Stationery Academy it would have been worth it. Hands down, no question. It has been an important part of my journey and will continue to be part of my life for years to come. Head on over and register now! You won't regret it! ;)

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