As I mentioned in my first essential oils post, one of the first things I wanted to try and ditch and switch were Tucker's bath time products. There are a bunch of recipes out there so this is just the first one I decided to try out. I'm on the hunt for something that produces better bubbles but so far it's not looking very good (apparently it's a chemical that produces such large bubbles๐Ÿ‘Ž). But for now this works just fine and the addition of the oils make it perfect for his bedtime routine. This first batch I used lavender but I've ordered YL's Gentle Baby and will probably try that out next go around.


I've included links to the products I used below. (* denotes affiliate link)

4 cups water (I used distilled)
4-5 drops of Young Living lavender essential oil*

*Bonus: I ordered these 16oz refillable bottles* but you can also use an old shampoo bottle.

Mix together the water, castille soap, and coconut oil. Add the essential oils and mix well. Pour mixture into your container and you're good to go! 

If you have any questions about essential oils or are interested in how to add them into your daily life I'd be happy to help any way I can. If I don't have the answers I'll be happy to point you in the right direction! If you're ready, you can order here.

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