I'm about 2,000 years late to the oil party but better late than never. If I'm being honest, a few years ago when using essential oils seemed to be the new trend, I rolled my eyes a lot. It seemed so crazy and a little too woo woo for me if you know what I'm saying. I also have a tendency to stray from anything that has a cult like following (Harry Potter, Twilight, Essential Oils...). But when I got pregnant with Tucker in 2016 I started to pay attention to all of the toxic products we use on a daily basis and knew I wanted to do better.

Photo by @kristin_peddicord

Why Young Living? I chose YL for a number of reasons but the top two being their seed to seal process (to guarantee the purity and potency of every oil.) and because as I try and choose better/safer products for our family, YL has a wide product line. From cleaning supplies to makeup and of course all of the oils for supporting all the areas of our life, I just felt like if I was going to do this thing, I needed a one stop shop.

My kit came this week and I'm so excited to learn more. (I went ahead and signed up as a distributor because I wanted the larger discount and I have no obligation to buy anything else if we decide they aren't for us!) So far we have only diffused a few oils but lemme tell ya. I was shocked at how calm and relaxed I felt just a few minutes after we got it going (we diffused Lavender the first time). I'm not kidding, Jeremy and I both felt a very distinct difference. It was like a spell had been put on us!😂

There is so much information out there and uses for the oils that it can be a bit overwhelming. It's also overwhelming when you look at all the toxins in the products you use everyday and it can feel like too much to try and do a complete overhaul. I've decided that instead of sticking my head in the sand I'm just going to take it one area at a time. First up: Tucker's bath time products. Boy loves him some bubble bath time so that's the first thing I'm going to try and replace. I plan on sharing the recipe I end up going with (there are a bunch) here as well as other ways we're using the oils.

I'd love to hear from you if you use oils! What are your favorite ways to use them, your favorite diffuser blends, etc.! I'm starting at the beginning and open to any and all advice! :)

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