*Edited to add: I used the color Romance by Sherwin Williams.

If you saw the before, before pictures of our home you know it went through quite a transformation. The first time I drove by it after the exterior was updated (and before living here was even a blip on our radar) I had to do a double take. It was so beautiful and I loved everything they had updated. When we moved in I knew I was going to paint the front door. Eventually we'd love a stained wooden door but those are pretty expensive so painting the brown/olive green-ish door was first on my exterior list. (This spring I want to add some flower boxes and eventually I'd love to add shutters.)


It was such a beautiful and semi-warm day and Tucker had so much fun playing outside. He loves the outdoors and is happiest when we're outside so I'm thankful warmer weather is on it's way so we can take lots of walks to the park.


I love how it turned out so much and I think it compliments the gray/blue siding so well. I still have a few areas to touch up but it's been cold again so they'll have to wait for a warmer day! Spring in Ohio is unpredictable. You never know what kind of weather you're going to get and Tuesday was no different. Big, fluffy snowflakes fell down and covered the ground. Within an hour the snow had melted. Then it started coming down again. It was ridiculous and the perfect example of spring in Ohio. While I'm so over the cold weather I thought our new pink door looked so beautiful with the snowflakes coming down.

Here's a close up of my new wreath (ignore the paint I need to scrape off the window๐Ÿ˜‚). I followed a tutorial by The How-To Mom and was surprised by how easy it was. I'm obsessed with it and have gotten so many compliments on it!

With every little change we're slowly making this house ours and I love it more every day!


  1. Hi. I love your blush pink front door...can you tell me what paint colour/ brand you used?



  2. Absolutely beautiful! Can you share the color/brand of blush pink you used? I have a similar gray color house & am looking to paint our front door blush.

  3. Sorry eveyone! For the longest time I wasn't able to comment on my own blog! I got it figured out and wanted to let y'all know I used Romance by Sherwin Williams.