The kitchen was the first room we started making changes in. I love how it turned out and we get so many compliments on it. I also get a lot of questions about painting the cabinets and it seems most people are too scared and feel it's too big a task to take on yourself. My tips are by the cabinet paint (linked below) and a 4" roller and just go for it. It's so easy, the paint goes on so smooth and there is minimal prep work.


This is what the kitchen looked like (circa 2015) before the contractor who purchased the home took over. I show you this because I walked through this house when it was for sale in this state and still loved it through all the imperfections. It looks so different and feels much larger since he opened it up into the dining room and vaulted the ceiling. I do wish that second window on the left was still there...😉


I realize the kitchen was fine before we started making changes and some people don't understand why you'd paint cabinets but I am just not a fan of this style. Most everything was decided for the house when we came into the picture but I did get to choose butcher block counter tops for the kitchen and I'm so in love with them! They really warm up the space and are a beautiful (and affordable) alternative to laminate.


So far we have added a classic subway tile backsplash, painted the cabinets, and added hardware. Eventually we'd like to trim out the top of the cabinets to upgrade them a little bit and we will replace the stainless steel sink with a white ceramic one as well as upgrade the faucet. I'd also like to paint the walls a brighter color and get a rug but for now we're happy with the progress and these updates make the kitchen much more our (my😉) style.


Valspar Cabinet Enamel Paint (top cabinets: SW Alabaster, bottom cabinets: )
Drawer Handle Pulls* (3" in brushed antique brass)
Round Knobs* (7/8" diameter in brushed antique brass)

I actually purchased our cabinet hardware from DoorCorner.com and was happy with my purchase (large selection and much cheaper than local home improvement stores) but wish I had checked Amazon first because their prices are cheaper than what we paid.


  • paint the cabinet toe kicks
  • trim out upper cabinets
  • paint walls bright white
  • window treatments
  • new white ceramic sink and rubbed oil bronze faucet
  • wrap bar/island with shiplap
  • bar pendant lights (currently only one and we feel the space calls for two, maybe three)
  • upholstered bar stools (three)
  • built in pantry/desk area in current "breakfast nook"
  • tongue & groove planks on vaulted ceiling

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