We are coming up on two years of marriage in May and I had always planned on blogging the rest of our wedding details but life started moving faster and faster and it just kind of fell off my radar. I decided that I still want to share the details 1. because I did everything on a budget and if it can help or inspire a future bride in her planning it's worth it and 2. when I was planning a wedding in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park there weren't that many weddings online for inspiration. A lot of the weddings I saw at our venues were elopements and so I really was looking for help with the logistics! All that to say, I'm excited to be back sharing our wedding with y'all. Next up, our wedding website!

Before the invitations were sent out I needed to make sure our wedding website was complete since that's where we were sending our guests for more information and how we wanted them to RSVP. I tried out a few of the free options (The Knot, Minted, etc.) but they didn't have very much flexibility and I can't ever do anything the easy way. I also felt like we were asking a lot of our loved ones since we were getting married out of town and I wanted to set the tone for the event right away. I love that we went with this custom option and we got so many compliments from our guests.

I built the website with the Squarespace platform using the Montauk template and purchased a custom domain through GoDaddy.


The homepage was basically a simplified version of our save the date. I just wanted the main information front and center and then the details would be throughout the site.


Jeremy and I had already met most of each other's friends and family but I wanted this place to be where our loved ones could learn a little bit more about our future spouse and how we met. We did not meet in a traditional way so I definitely wanted to have fun with that.


We planned our wedding in 8 months so for our first round of engagement photos we had a mini session with Tara Lewis Photography so we could get our save the dates out quickly. Once we booked our wedding photographer, Heather Faulkner Photography, we also got an engagement session with our package so we had engagement photos in Cades Cove as well. I also wanted to share a few every day photos as well!


I wanted to make sure everyone knew where to go and what to expect. There's nothing worse than being over/under dressed for a wedding and I wanted our guests to be as comfortable as possible.


I had originally thought I'd add photos and a little snippet about each of our bridal party but I realized it'd be much easier for me to pull together for my bridesmaids than it would be for me to get Jeremy to do the same for his groomsmen. In the end I decided to keep it sweet and simple!


I knew our guests would have questions so I tried to answer ones I knew would come up. Looking back I also should have included a few places to stay. We did have a couple of guests ask for recommendations, which we provided, but it would have been a good idea to include that information on the website.


It always feels a little weird to share registry information with people (we definitely did not include this information on the invitations) but we knew people would ask so it had to be included in the site. We had three different options and people could pick up our registry lists as the respective stores as well.


I wanted to make this process as easy as possible and it all seemed to go smoothly. The only people who didn't RSVP were my grandparents who I knew were coming any way and knew they wouldn't be able to figure it out.😂

And that was it! I'm so happy with how it all turned out and I was so sad when I cancelled the membership but I'm glad I took these screenshots! If you have any questions about how I made this wedding website happen I'd be happy to help! :)

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