I did a couple of these with Tucker and instead of aiming to do one for every month, this time around I'm going to try to do them for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. Hopefully lowering my expectations will help me achieve my goal...😂

Age: 3 Months

Stats: Weighs 14.9lbs and is 24" long.

Nicknames: Brother, Sunshine, Buddy, Baby Boy

Milestones: He is sleeping through the night 7ish to 7ish and goes back down after his morning feed so mama can get a few more winks. He is giggling now and trying to give kisses. He went to the nursery for the first time just a few days before he turned 3 months and he did SO good. He made it all the way through even thought I was a little nervous he wouldn't since he usually likes to nurse mid-way through.

Favorite Things: Being held or worn in the carrier by mama.

Least Favorite Things: I'm just going to say the obvious and say having a dirty diaper or being hungry because this boy is straight sunshine. He is almost always happy and takes all we throw at him.

Signature Moves: At this point he doesn't have too many moves but he loves to kick his feet and wiggle around on his play mat.

Today I took some pictures of my little piece of sunshine. I could just eat him up! 

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