In January I asked on my personal IG (@roadcalledlife) what people did for a face care routine. I'm turning 33 this month and think it's way past time for me to get my own routine going. Besides washing my face in the shower and occasionally wiping my makeup off with those (toxic) wipes that's about all I do.🙈

I wanted something quick, easy, and not too expensive. After watching @younghouselove's "woo woo skincare" stories I've landed on cleansing my face with apple cider vinegar (1 part water, 1 part ACV) and instead of using coconut oil for my moisturizer (I've read it can clog your pores) I made a roller with lavender, frankincense, and jojoba oil that I’ll apply in the mornings and evenings after I wash my face. This little combo supports healthy looking skin, a soft glow, and reduces appearances of fine lines and wrinkles.🙌🏼


I've included links to the products I used below. (* denotes affiliate link)

10 ml roller bottle*
10 drops of Young Living lavender essential oil*
10 drops of Young Living frankincense essential oil*
Top off with jojoba oil*

*Bonus: Next time I make this serum I'm going to add 5 drops of geranium (promotes cell regeneration and supports smooth and healthy skin) 5 drops copaiba (this is a driver oil meaning it magnifies all the qualities of the other oils to work even better). I'll also add a little bit of witch hazel.

I chose lavender because it's known to help with acne and wrinkles and it also helps regenerate skin cells. It can also lighten the appearance of age spots and scars.🙌🏼 I added frankincense because I read it's an astringent that can help protect and repair skin cells, reduce acne, prevent wrinkles, lift and tighten skin, kill germs, reduce large pores, and slow signs of aging. Um, yes please!🙋🏼‍♀️ I topped it off with jojoba oil because it's moisturizing, it's antibacterial, and it's an antioxidant - among other great benefits. I took before photos so if I notice any differences I'll share them with y'all!

Do you have a skincare routine? What have you found that works for you? Bonus points if it's all natural and not $$$!

If you have any questions about essential oils or are interested in how to add them into your daily life I'd be happy to help any way I can. If I don't have the answers I'll be happy to point you in the right direction! If you're ready, you can order here.

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