Up next on my "ditch and switch" list is hand soap. A few months ago I cashed in some of my Essential Rewards points with Young Living and got the Thieves and Lavender Foaming Hand Soaps. We loved them so much but now they're gone and to be honest, I don't want to spend $14/$10 on them. The lavender scent was my favorite so I decided to make our own. Not only is this very affordable but I can switch up the scents for our different bathrooms or the changing seasons!


Paula Deen "Soap Y'all" Dispenser (I purchased mine at Tia's Boutique)
3/4 cup water
3/4 cup Castile soap* (unscented)
10 drops of Young Living lavender essential oil*

*Bonus: Next time I make this I'll be adding 1 tbsp witch hazel* for its bacteria inhibiting properties but I didn't have any on hand today. I also think I may purchase these foaming dispensers* because I really liked that about the Young Living Foaming Hand Soaps.

In a pint sized mason jar or soap dispenser, add the water first (to prevent bubbles) then the liquid Castile soap. I used the unscented kind because I wanted to scent with my lavender essential oil.

Add the fractionated coconut oil (or whichever moisturizing oil you choose - jojoba, olive, etc.) and the essential oil of your choice.

Shake to combine and you're ready to use. Remember, a little goes a long way.

This soap smells so good and leaves my hands feeling soft!

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