I am so excited about this project. If you follow me on Instagram you know I've been talking about it for awhile. My boys are rowdy and full of energy and this winter has been really hard for all of us. When it's warm we like to go for walks to the park and explore any and everything we can so when it's cold and we're stuck inside everyone gets bored quick. It's important to me to create a space they love to play in and can thrive. We are finishing this project up just as warmer weather is headed our way but we will still get plenty of use out of this space.


I originally painted this room two years ago when we were using it as a bedroom for Tucker and now that it's a playroom I wanted the walls white since everything inside is generally bright and colorful. These aren't the best before photos since they're before we ever used this room and I painted it two years ago but they're all I have. (You can see what this room looked like before the contractor, who we purchased from, renovated here.)

It's a really great space and I'm thankful to have a room we can dedicate solely to play. The main things I wanted to focus on when planning for this playroom were narrowing down our toy count and adding something the boys can climb and jump on. And of course I want it all to look good (they could care less) so there's that. Below are some items we already have in the playroom or that I'm hoping to purchase. Just looking at them all collected together makes me so happy and I really like where the room is headed.


I finally finished painting the room last night. Because you have to walk through Sawyer's bedroom to get in there my time to work on it was limited with his nap and bed times. I purchased recycled paint from the Habitat Restore for $12 a gallon. I used the same recycled paint when I painted it the first time and I've also used it in our entry bathroom. As long as you're not too picky on what color you want this is a great budget option.

We've moved and hung what we already have so when we get the new items we're ready to go. 


Affiliate links are marked with an asterisk.

Loft Bed/Slide* | Alphabet Wrapping Sheet* | Yarn Wall Hanging with Gold Star Garland* | Geometric Shag Rug* | Rope Swing* with Hanging Hardware* | Polka Dot Storage Tub | Table LampWhite Hunger Ceiling FanStriped Roman Shade | Armchair

Loft Bed/Slide* | I'm still deciding on which loft bed/slide I'm going to go with. The one pictured is my first pick but it's also the most expensive. The next in line* is about $100 cheaper but the space under the loft isn't as tall and overall it looks cheaper.

Alphabet Wrapping Sheet* | We've had this hanging in the playroom for awhile now and I love it so much. I have it framed in this Ikea Ribba Frame and it looks so cute!

Yarn Wall Hanging | This was a craft project I did last week and I'm so happy with how it turned out. I haven't decided if I'm going to keep this one for the boys playroom or make one in a different color scheme. If I make another one I'll give this one to a friend who has two little girls.

Geometric Shag Rug | This is a rug I have had in my Amazon cart for almost a year. And then, one day back in October, some IG influencer revealed a "cozy nook" in her house and the rug sold out and the price went UP. Like three times what it was. By January her rug was gone (or sooner but that's just when she shared the space again). I'm all for sharing your space and using affiliate links but once people start decorating with something just for a photo and to get the swipe ups, I'm out. Anyway, enough of my rant but I was pretty frustrated and really regretting not purchasing this rug last July when I first decided I wanted it.

Polka Dot Storage Tub | I saw these at Target and thought they were so cute. I bought a couple to store toy overflow and toys that require supervision in the playroom closet. I love that I can see what's inside and easily find what we're looking for. I also bought some pink ones for one of my storage closets to hold my crafting supplies, etc.

Armchair | I would love this armchair for the playroom but realistically I will probably thrift one or move the chair we have in our living room upstairs. If I sell some things from the house I may splurge and get a new one since I spend a lot of time sitting up there with the boys.

I'll be back in the next couple of weeks to share the playroom reveal with y'all. I can't wait to have this space DONE and hope it helps these boys use up some of that energy they have!

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