While officially Memorial Day is when we remember those men and women who died for our freedoms - truly a gift we could never repay - unofficially it marks the start of summer. It's also when I like to hang our patriotic decor outside. Our house turned 150 years old this year and I think she looks best with flags on. Followed very closely by Christmastime when she's covered in wreaths and lights.

This is our house ready for Memorial Day last year. We've made a few changes out front and I can't wait to see the flags up this year. A lot of the things I have below can be picked up at Walmart or your local hardware store but I always try to purchase made in the USA patriotic items when I can.

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American Flag* | (Made in the USA) The one thing I think every house should put out is an American Flag. It doesn't have to be huge but I think it's the best place to start.

Boxwood Wreath With Flag | This is something I saw from House 1924. In 2018 she hung a boxwood wreath with a flag hanging down in the middle. Last year I only hung my eucalyptus wreath from Hearth & Hand but I'm excited to have the addition of the little flag this year.

Festive Cloth Napkins* | Step up your entertaining game this summer with cloth napkins. They're reusable, beautiful and easy to wash. I love these blue gingham ones and they're perfect for all the patriotic holidays and all the other get togethers in between.

Festive Letter Board | We have a few letter boards throughout our house and while I don't change them out as often as I thought I would, I love switching them up for special occasions. Our's currently says "Coronation 2020" so I'm definitely ready to switch to something else and I really like "This land was made for you and me" as pictured above. Some other fun and festive phrases you could use are: Liberty & Sparklers For All, Party Like It's 1776, and Baby You're a Firework.

Americana Bunting Scarf* | (Made in the USA) This is another idea from House 1924. (You can see the inspiration over on my Pinterest board.) The bunting scarf she used was found at antique store. I have the one linked here coming my way in the next week. I'm thinking it won't be as flow-y as her's (it's a different material) but I'm hoping I can recreate a similar look.

Star Cookie Cutters* | Another way to take your entertaining up a notch is with the food and beverages. There are so many things you can cut out in the shape of stars for a more festive look - cheese slices for a charcuterie board, apples for a fruit plate, pineapples in the sangria, and of course cookies. There are so many possibilities!

American Flags | You can pick these up in store at Walmart or your local hardware store for much cheaper but I love to place these all over the place. I put some in our planters out front and I love to stick them in vases all over the house. It's a simple touch that leaves a festive punch.

Ferns | This big plant just screams summer to me. They don't do all that great in direct sunlight and we get both for big chunks of time in the front and the back. I'd love to have some in planters out front and I love when people have them hanging from covered porches.

Americana Bunting | This is my favorite thing we do to our house. I absolutely love when the flags go up and we get so many compliments - this old colonial was just made to wear flags! I'm excited to add some around our deck out back this year too. I may have a few other things up my sleeve for back there because we're hoping to have a small cookout with some friends.

Will you be decorating for summer? If so, how do you do it? I have a lot more inspiration (and you can see where a lot of these ideas came from) on my Pinterest board Stars & Stipes so head over and follow along!

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