We finally got the entry finished (as finished as it's going to get, that is) and I wanted to share it with y'all. This entryway is one of my favorite things about the house. I love that you're greeted by the staircase and that there is a dedicated space to greet guests.


I snapped this photo in November 2017, the night we closed on the house and got the keys. I was so excited and couldn't believe that this beautiful home was ours. I had so many plans for this space and while I didn't get to see them all come to fruition, I'm really happy with how we're leaving it for the next owners.


The change we made with the biggest impact is the upgraded trim Jeremy installed around the doorways. The original trim had been replaced with MDF and we switched it out in the entry for oak and a beefier profile. We had plans to gradually switch out the trim through the rest of the house but unfortunately this is as far as we got. I wanted to make a statement in this space and since wallpaper can be pricey and time consuming I opted for contrast trim. Contrast trim has been around for years but it's currently a pretty big trend and was the perfect pop of color for the space. I chose Williamsburg Wythe Blue from Benjamin Moore's Williamsburg Paint Color Collection. I love it so much and it really makes the updated trim pop.

We also painted and switched out two of the doors (our bedroom and the entry bathroom) for antique doors. They add so much character and really made an impact in the space. I would have loved to replace the boob light and the front door, and continue the white oak hardwoods in here as well. I also really wanted to refinish the banister. It is one of the only original details left in the house and I would have loved to highlight it but Jeremy and I were not ready to deal with lead paint which it more than likely had been painted with at some point. All that being said, I'm happy with the progress we did make in such a short time.

Now it's time for me to take all the photos down to pack up and it's making me so sad! I know I keep saying this but I never expected to leave this home so soon and I am going to miss it! I still have our dining room, bedroom, the playroom, and kitchen left to share and that will probably be it. We didn't make enough changes to the other rooms to share in a full post but stay tuned for the others!

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