A few nights ago we started transitioning Sawyer to a big boy bed. I'm not done refinishing his bed frame so we just put his mattress on the floor with his inflatable bumper rails*. He's done so well and tonight we moved him in with his big brother. I have always wanted them to share a room eventually but now that we are moving I wanted to get them used to it as soon as possible. We will be renting a house between the sale of our current home and the new build being completed and it only has two bedrooms so they will have to share a room. I think the transition will go much smoother starting here. They've been in bed about 2 hours and so far, so good. I'm hoping we make it through the night with no issues!

I was able to clean up Sawyer's room tonight after moving his bed over to Tucker's room so I wanted to make sure and snap some photos so I can always remember this sweet space. My aunt Christie helped me paint, decorate, and organize on one of her trips to visit and I spent many hours rocking and nursing Sawyer in here. Hard to believe this chapter is closing!


Like the other rooms, this one was a great blank space to work with. I wasn't crazy with the gray paint - I had already done the gray walls years before when it first became trendy and these leaned a little more blue than I'd have liked. Other than a coat or two of paint it just needed some decor. I do wish I had gotten around to changing the light fixture but like a long list of other things, that will be up to the new owners.

The playroom is the room you see through the doorway. You have to cut through the nursery to get to it.


I just love this sweet room! I reused a lot of stuff from Tucker's nursery (it was navy and cream and lots of baby lambs) but I added the shades of green this time around. I also added some fun details that were left over from Sawyer's 1st birthday party like the wool ball garland and detail added to his mobile and the pennant name flag on the door.

Another room down and ready to be decluttered for listing photos and then packed up for the next house. I know I sound like a broken record but it's all so bittersweet. I'm going to miss this beautiful, special house so much and I'm just so grateful for our time here!

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