I have been wanting to share this reveal for awhile now but we were still finishing some things up and then we decided to sell our house! It has been a crazy month but our house is officially on the market as of today and we already have a couple showings scheduled for tomorrow. It is very bittersweet.

There are so many things I will miss about this house but this new backyard space is high on the list. The boys would play in the yard of course and they loved the gravel pit but it was not a place we liked to hang out in. Now, it's a different story. I'm so disappointed we won't get to spend crisp, fall nights out here!


It was pretty sad. We have a large deck but most of the boards needed replacing and the area below the deck was filled with pea gravel. Along the side of the house was completely filled with river rock. It was so hard to walk on and both areas became weed gardens.


I am so in love with it. Like everywhere else in this house there are some things I had still planned on doing but I am thrilled with the progress made back here. Pictures do not do it justice. When the lights are on it's so cozy and magical. Longworth Property Services is who we used to pour our patio and sidewalks and we cannot recommend them enough. They are so nice and such hard workers. Their work transformed this space!
We had a small cookout for the Fourth of July and we rented this huge inflatable slip n slide for the kids. It was so much fun and our best purchase. It kept the kids entertained for hours so even though it killed our grass (it's started to grow back but you can see some of the remains damage in the above photo) a month before we listed our house for sale - it was totally worth it!😂


A few of these angles are easier appreciated when you see one right after the other instead of scrolling back up to see the before! This first shot is up on our deck and the before photo was taken in April and its after Jeremy had already replaced all the deck boards. I snapped the "after" as an afterthought so it's dirty and not styled (with a table, flowers, etc.) but you can see how big a difference paint made.

Jeremy also had to replace the stairs and in the process he added risers. It makes such a difference and really cleaned everything up. 

Now that we've got the house show ready it's time to get unpacked and settled in our rental house. We'll only be here about 4-6 months but it is home in the meantime so we've got some work to do! I'll be back shortly to share the dining room and maybe a few other spaces. I've got to see what all I have photos of!

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