I can't believe its already been four months since I shared the news that we're building a house! (Above is a rough mockup I did on the 2D rendering of our house.) It has been a crazy few months and while things feel like they're starting to settle down, it will be time to move again before we know it! We met with our builder a couple weeks ago and he said that as long as things keep moving along smoothly with no hiccups we could be in by the end of the year! I'm trying not to get my hopes up incase this doesn't happen but that's nearly impossible! That would be a dream come true!🙏

I've been sharing the progress on Instagram stories but I also wanted to document the process here for my own memory keeping. I did get a few questions on Instagram that I'll answer here first!


I am still not over selling our house. It was more than just a house, it truly was a dream come true for me. It was 150 years old and while a lot of the character has been ripped out there was so much history there. I'm so thankful our family got to be part of its story. One of the main reasons we started entertaining the idea of moving was the location. While our street wasn't all that busy we were one house down from the main street through town. It made me nervous any time we were outside with the boys and I just never saw it being a place for them to play and ride bikes. We also didn't have a garage. When we were looking at purchasing the home we did not think was a big deal. We now know we don't want to live in a house without a garage. We always knew that home was not our forever home but we definitely left a few years before we thought we would.


No, we did not need to. We were required to put $5,000 down to secure our desired lot and then an additional payment (a percentage of our final contract) was required before we could break ground. Our builder carries the expenses until we close and all they ask is for a pre-approval letter from your bank. 


Building a house has never been something I wanted to do. To be honest I'm not really a fan of modern day subdivisions. I grew up in a 100+ year old house and have always loved the character and history they provide. My husband appreciates those things as well but he definitely would prefer a new house (less maintenance and level walls and floors when we decide to do house projects). When we started entertaining the idea of moving, the subdivision we are building in came up. Jeremy was shocked I was even entertaining the idea but we decided to drive through the neighborhood. While it definitely has some of the characteristics of a modern day subdivision (young trees, lots of brown and beige😂) we were both impressed with the quality of materials used and the upkeep of the homes (there is an HOA but its a pretty small yearly fee). It turned out the builders were working on their final phase and there was only one lot we would even be interested in. It's a wooded lot and backs up to more woods. We set up a meeting with the builder and things snowballed from there. Many times we've looked at each other and said, "are we really doing this?". It's been a busy, crazy, four months but the building process has been pretty exciting. And I know I'm rambling but another factor that played into our decision was the market. We wanted to sell to get top dollar for our home but anything else that was for sale was also at the top of the market. We are planning on staying in this new build for a very long time and are confident in our investment. We couldn't say that about any of the houses that were currently on the market.

I'm planning on writing blog posts for each room as I'm working on them to help me visualize what I want but there will be a lot of the same from our last house. I love neutral walls, architectural details, and lots of blues/greens in all different shades. I'm almost finished with the plan for the living room and master bath so hopefully I'll share those soon!

The main floor is 1800 sqft and we will have 900 finished sqft (family room, bedroom, full bathroom, closets) in the basement making the whole house 2700 sqft. It's only about 600 sqft smaller than our previous home but feels much smaller because of the one story floor plan. The basement adds a lot of storage space and room for a growing family so we think it'll be great.

This honestly wasn't the plan when we went into the meeting with the builder. He had a house they had recently finished and were getting ready to close on and it was the same floor plan as the one we decided on building. When he asked if we wanted to go look at it I wanted to say no.😂 I had seen a rendering and floor plan online and didn't think I'd like it at all. Jeremy and I were both pleasantly surprised when we walked through and we loved so many things about it. There were still some things inside I didn't like and I wasn't a fan of the exterior but because it's considered a custom build we were able to make the changes we wanted. Our builder said they've never done a house like ours and that makes me really happy. We've made it our own but I think it still fits in nicely with the rest of our neighborhood.

September 29

So much has happened since I last shared the news that we were building a house! We broke ground on August 14th and things have been moving pretty steadily since then. It's been really fun checking on the progress every couple of days.

October 6

The roof and brick are now completed and drywall starts inside this week! We met with a carpenter yesterday to discuss the built ins next to the fireplace and I'm really excited about those. I'm currently trying to select all the light fixtures for the house and stay within our allowance which so far is not going well so if you have any affordable lighting options from Lowes send them my way!😂

I'll be back when I have more updates! :)

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