I am so excited to share this today. Ever since closing the virtual doors to Winnie Jean back in December of 2018 I have dreamed of reopening. What better time than 2020?😜 While I am not in a place where I can or want to come back full-time I am so pumped to be able to launch this small pop up. I have worked hard the last month trying to provide a small collection that contains best sellers from the past as well as some new designs I hope y'all will love. This year has been anything but normal and we've been spending even more time at home. I wanted to create a collection that is festive and embraces the coziness of the season. 

The collection will launch at midnight on November 1st and will be available for this month only. While I wish it could be longer I already have realized since working on this small project that it's just not time for me to be back fully. I love this work and when I'm working on a collection it consumes all my thoughts. I found myself frustrated during the day when I had to tend to my normal tasks - dishes, making meals, etc. because all I wanted to do was work on this project.

My boys require a lot of attention. They like when I play with them. Too many times in the last couple weeks have I told them "no" or "just a few more minutes" because I was working on something. It's just not fair to them for the long haul since my responsibility right now is staying home with them. So while I have loved every minute of working on this it was made clear that it needs to be temporary. But don't worry, I'll be back again another day.😉

I will have 16 apparel options available. Some styles have multiple color options. I am working with one of my previous manufacturers and I'm thankful to be able to offer an on demand product. This makes it possible for me to do this at all. There has been a lot of work up front, but from here on out the ship will pretty much run itself. Because of the made-to-order, custom nature there are no refunds or exchanges available. Obviously if there is an error or your order arrives damaged that will be made right but I am not able to provide refunds/exchanges for ordering the wrong size. I have provided size charts and am happy to answer any questions about sizing. All of the apparel is unisex and so I would order your regular size for a comfy, cozy fit. If you want the items to be a little more fitted you may consider sizing down one.

Alright, I think that about covers it. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out. For those of you who clicked over to read this and made it all the way to the bottom, here is your reward. The pop up is online and the apparel is available. Please share it with your friends and tell me which shirt is your favorite!

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