Things are starting to feel very real over at our house on Oakridge (I finally decided on a name/hashtag). Once the drywall went up it totally transformed the place. The first time I saw it I teared up. I'm just so thankful for this beautiful house and the memories we will make there. I am so anxious to move in! In the meantime, I'm having fun coming up with plans for the rooms. First up, the boys shared room. It's one of the first spaces I want to have completed. We will have moved three times by the time the boys are in this room. I want to get it set up and feeling like home as soon as possible.


Paint: SW Alabaster | Black Ceiling Fan | DIY Yarn Hanging with Gold Star Garland* | Do Your Best Pennant Flag | Navy Plaid Duvet Cover | Navy Blanket | Star Pillow | Rainbow Hanging | Collectable Books | Long Live Boyhood Banner 

Paint: SW Alabaster | I decided to have the entire house painted Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. It's one of my favorite shades of white because it doesn't pull gray or purple and it has just the tiniest bit of warmth. I may add some paint to the boys room because I am who I am but for now I'm looking forward to a blank canvas throughout the house.

Black Ceiling Fan | We are ceiling fan people. I feel like anytime someone I follow shares a room reveal they have taken a fan out. I'm just really over trying to hide things we use in our every day life like ceiling fans and TVs but I digress. We had an allowance for all of the lighting in our home. It was much harder to stay within that budget than I had anticipated but somehow I pulled it off. I chose this fan for all four bedrooms and while it wasn't my first, second, or even third choice I love the simplicity of it and we'll all be happy to have a ceiling fan when it's time to go to sleep.

DIY Yarn Hanging | This is the yarn hanging I did for the boys playroom in our last house and I still really like it. I'm not 100% sure but I'd like to try and use it in the boys room.

Do Your Best Pennant Flag | I haven't decided how I'll use a pennant flag(s) in the boys room but I really love this one Letters and Laurels. I may make my own and do name pennants for above their beds or I may purchase this and do something different above the beds. The details will all have to play out once we're moved in and I'm able to see everything in the space and move stuff around.

Bedding | You just can't beat Ikea bedding. It's adorable and so affordable. I already have one of the navy blankets that I used for Tucker's room in the past. For their shared bedroom I think I'm going to use it as a layering piece or underneath the plaid.

Star Pillow | We have one of these already and I'm thinking I'll order another so each bed can have one. I also love to add fun, seasonal pillows as well. For Halloween I found a ghost and pumpkin that were so cute. 

Rainbow Hanging | I think this is sold out now but I couldn't believe how cute is what for only $8. I also have an all white rainbow hanging from Target as well and I think they'll both be fun to use in the room.

Collectable Books | A few months ago Barnes & Noble had a huge sale on their collectible books. So many of the titles were only $5 each! They are normally only $10 which I still think is a great deal because I was so impressed with the quality. I bought 10 and think they'll look so cute styled on a shelf. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood are the two I've shown above.

Long Live Boyhood Banner | I am most excited about this banner. It is handmade by women in Kenya and will be an adorable touch in the boys' room. The Imani Collective employs over 80 women and provides in house childcare and a number of programs focused on empowering its employees and the community. They have a lot of beautiful options so be sure to check them out.

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  1. It would be fun to have a star pillow on one bed and a moon pillow on the other. I also think you should put the do your best pennant on their door. I’m loving the bedding! It’s all going to look fabulous once it’s all together. I cannot wait to come see!!! 😍