I was really excited to pick out lighting for our new house but I quickly realized it was going to take a little research. Our builder allowance for lighting was $1800 and this was one area I did not want to go over budget since lighting is something we can easily switch out/upgrade down the line if we decide to but I honestly am happy with everything I selected even if it's my second, third, or ninth choice.😅 

I surprisingly came in under budget (thanks to the discount our builder gets at Lowes) at $1,166.25 but even without the discount I still came in around $1,800 which I'm pretty proud about. All of the selections below are from Lowes and Amazon.

This post contains affiliate links which means I will receive a small commission if you purchase through my link (at no cost to you).

01. Black Barn Light | We needed four of these (three by the garage and one for the back patio) and they were super affordable. They're really sleek and I love that even though "farmhouse" lights are having a moment, this style of lighting has been used since the 1920s.

02. 6" Flush Mount | This light will go in our master closet and the large closet in our basement. I would have preferred the schoolhouse semi-flush mounts but they were double the price and honestly, I could care less about the lights in my closet, so at only $9 these were a winner.

03. Traditional (non-boob) Flush Mount | This is only a small step up from a boob light but I'm calling it a win. This will be going in our laundry room and that was one space I just couldn't imagine what type of light I wanted to go in there. This was extremely affordable so when/if I ever decide what I really want to go in our laundry room, I won't feel bad about switching this one out.

04. Schoolhouse Semi-Flush Mount | I chose these for our hallway. I would have preferred a more stocky fixture, like this one from Amazon, but I just couldn't beat the price. I'm anxious to see them installed and think they'll work great.

05. 4-Blade Farmhouse Ceiling Fan | It wasn't hard to find ceiling fans I loved but it was hard to find some that would also fit within our budget. While this ceiling fan wasn't my number one choice, it came in just under $200 and I think it will look really nice in our living room. There are two options for the fan blades and the second option (not pictured above) is a lighter wood tone. I want to see both sides in person before I make up my mind.

06. 6-Light Wood Farmhouse Chandelier | This will go in our entry way. I wanted a statement light that welcomed guests without being too overwhelming. I think this will be the perfect combo for the space and add the warmth it needs.

07. 3-Blade Matte Black Ceiling Fan | These will go in all four bedrooms. We are fan people and I will never apologize for that. I'm really tired of people online acting like things like fans and tvs are terrible things that should be removed or hidden away. Rant over.😅 I was hoping to choose a fancier fan for our master bedroom but in order to stay within our budget I kept it simple. I really love the 3-blade look and think the black will add a modern touch. (*Also, now that I'm thinking about this. Since I came in under budget I could have upgraded to a nicer fan in our bedroom. Oh well, too late now, and Jeremy was pleased that I saved him some money.😆) 

08. Bronze Incandescent Semi-Flush Mount Light | Jeremy was surprised by this selection and said it didn't seem like anything I would ever pick out. Ha! So I'm a little nervous but this is what I chose for our office. I wasn't really sure what I wanted in there but think this will look nice. I'm only worried that it won't put off enough light.

09. Double Schoolhouse Vanity Two-Light | I'm obsessed with these! I decided to go with these in all three of our bathrooms. Mostly because I was going through decision fatigue but they are so beautiful and if you haven't noticed yet, I really love schoolhouse lights. I chose the two-light option but there are one-light (my favorite) and a three-light options available as well. I'm thinking I could have gone with the one-light option in the master bathroom over each of our medicine cabinets and I'm hoping the two-lights aren't too overwhelming. I'm sure it will be fine but I'm such a visual person and keep second guessing myself.

10. Antique Gold Farmhouse Pendant Lights | I knew I wanted large industrial type pendant lights for over our kitchen island and I was so happy when I found these for under $100. I wish they had a down rod vs the chain but I think they will still be beautiful and give me the look I'm going for. They are a little less bright than the listing photo shows but I was still really happy with them when they arrived.

And there you have it! All the lights I chose for our new build! I hope if you're building (or looking to switch out some light fixtures) and don't seem to have an "influencer" budget that this will be helpful! It felt like a puzzle but a really fun puzzle that I'm glad I got to put together and I can't wait to see them all up in the new house!


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