I love this time of year and all the cozy, movie watching sessions with a cup of hot chocolate by the twinkle lights of the tree. These are my top 10 and honestly I could switch a couple of them out for the honorable mentions listed below. So many good ones make it hard to narrow down!


While many others on this list could be adjusted up or down, this is by far my number one all time favorite Christmas movie. Yes, it is a little sad but I love the big, loud family and all the drama when everyone comes home for Christmas. I love the beautiful old house with wallpaper, woodwork, and family photos everywhere. And I love that at the end of the day all that matters is family and spending time together.

This is a close second. It's a Christmas classic and has so many good one liners. I can relate to Clark in many ways and I love how he tries to make Christmas so special for his family even after every obstacle is thrown his way.

Movies with multiple story lines and characters that are intertwined are so fun. (Valentines Day and New Years Eve are other festive favorites.)

I am not normally a huge Will Ferrel fan but he cracks me up in this movie. I still laugh out loud to many scenes no matter how many times I've watched it through. 

The first is definitely my favorite and the second one is decent, though I'm not too crazy about the Santa clone, but both make our watch list every year. 

This one is funny and sweet and I love the soundtrack so much. Now that we have the boys we've watched the new Grinch cartoon and it's cute too (I like the spin they put on the Grinch - he's not as dirty and gross😅). 

Every time I watch this it makes me want to swap houses with someone who owns a magical cottage somewhere. The storyline is pretty unrealistic but it's sweet and a must watch for me.

I can relate to the multiple Christmas celebrations coming from divorced parents (and I added one more when I got married) so this one cracks me up. While their families are a bit more crazy than ours I can see how going away for Christmas may seem easier. I of course could never do that, I love being with everyone way too much!

I've seen some people try and claim Home Alone 2 as the best Home Alone and while I do enjoy the sequel, the first installment is definitely the best Home Alone. It cracks me up every time even after all these years. 

You have to enjoy old movies, and musicals at that, but I love this precious movie and have to watch it every year.


Honorable Mentions: Love the Coopers, Nothing Like the Holidays, This Christmas (I'm obsessed with any and all Christmas movies that center around large families all coming home for Christmas and the craziness that ensues like these three), Christmas With the Kranks, Polar Express, It's a Wonderful Life, The Preacher's Wife, A Christmas Story, and I'm sad to say none of these center around the REAL reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place. Adding The Nativity Story to our watch list this year and I've heard good things about The Star for kids. Do you have any others we should add?

Is there a movie you would add to the top 10? What are your must watch movies during the Christmas season?

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