I am admittedly a pretty cheap person when it comes to buying generally anything. I have expensive taste and will find something I like but then have sticker shock. I'm always determined to find the look for much less. I honestly feel like it's part of my job as decorator of our house to make responsible purchases. Just because we may be able to afford something doesn't mean we should buy it. I will say that for me, this only applies to mass produced items from China, etc. If it's from a small shop, designer, artist, etc, I do not look for a dupe. That being said, here are the latest looks for less that I've purchased recently.

Wood Handle Dish Rack

I first saw this Wood Handled Dish Drainer from Schoolhouse in a kitchen I had saved on Pinterest. I was pretty bummed when I saw it was $88 but I noted on their website it was made in China. I knew there would be multiple options out there, likely at a lower price point. I started looking for a more affordable alternative and didn't have to look very long. I found and purchased this Wood Handle Dish Rack* on Amazon for $31.95. It's sleek and the perfect drying rack to keep out on the counter.

Cabinet Hardware

The same time we were building our house, an influencer I follow was also building theirs. We definitely had different building budgets but it was still fun to follow along with her process. One day she shared the  cabinet hardware she chose for her kitchen and while I could tell it was different than what I had selected, it was very similar. She chose the Aged Brass Mission Drawer Pull from Rejuvenation for $13 each (given that they weren't gifted of course). That's a pretty expensive pull in my book as the cost adds up pretty quickly in a kitchen. I am so happy with the Brushed Brass Cotemporary Pull I found on Door Corner for $2.93 each. This is the third home I've gotten our cabinet hardware from Door Corner. They have a lot of styles and finishes and are always priced lower than local big box stores and even Amazon.

Schoolhouse Lighting

I am a big fan of schoolhouse lights and the nostalgic vibe they provide. I love this Newbury Flush Mount from Schoolhouse but at $429 a pop it just was not going to happen. I found these Schoolhouse Semi-Flush Mounts from Lowes when choosing the lighting for our new build (you can see all my lighting selections here). I put them in our hallway and I love them even more in person. I would have preferred a more stocky fixture, like this one from Amazon*, but I just couldn't beat the price of the ones we got.

Reproduction Antique Gold Mirrors

If you've spent any amount of time online then you know that the Gleaming Primrose Mirror from Anthropologie is the mirror. It costs a whopping $498 (for the smallest size at 3') and it honestly shocks me to see how many people have shelled out the cash for it. It truly is a beautiful mirror but again, not something I'm going to be spending money on. In the last couple of years there have been a number of dupes to come out and I think this Gold Bordeaux Scroll Mirror from Kirklands for only $129 is my favorite. Sadly, it's been out of stock for quite awhile, I'm assuming pandemic delays are at play here but I signed up for a restock email alert so I'm ready whenever it comes back!

That's all I have for now! I don't actively seek out dupes but I like to share them once I come across something I've been looking for. I'll share more if and when I find them!

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