We're only 11 days in to the new year and, somehow, saying "happy new year" feels belated. It just goes to show how fast our world moves and how we're always on to the next thing. That's really something I want to work on this year. I want to simplify and slow down. There's only so many hours in each day and while I have so many priorities and interests, some things need to be put on the back burner.

Sidenote - these photos have nothing to do with this post but they make me happy and it was my first completed project of 2022! After a year of living here I finally unpacked my great great grandma's china. Waiting for the right pine hutch to come along was what took so long (we left our previous hutch on the curb when we moved) but this one was worth the wait. It was a steal I found on Facebook Marketplace and I'm so happy to finally have it styled. Now, if I can just get myself to print photos for those frames, we'll be all set! 

My number one desire (besides to grow in my faith) is to be a present wife and mama. When we chose to start a family it was a priority for us that I would be the one to stay home with them. I realize how blessed I am to be able to make that choice and I'm very thankful for it. But, the world says being a stay at home mom isn't enough and I'm constantly fighting the lie that I'm not good enough or have not accomplished enough.

I have often used Joanna Gaines to soothe my ego and justify why I'm "not doing anything right now". She was "older" when Fixer Upper debuted and I've always told myself I still have plenty of time. The other day I decided to look up how old she actually was when the show launched. She was 35...

I'm 35 and will be turning 36 in less than 3 months. I'm embarrassed to admit it but that information felt like a punch to the gut. Let me go ahead and clarify that the dreams and goals I have for myself are on a much smaller playing field than JoJo's but this was the first time my upcoming birthday made me think, "what have I even accomplished?".

I know that being a stay at home wife and mama is valuable. I know that as much as I have goals and dreams, I don't want to do accomplish any of them more than I want to be the one home with my boys. This is definitely a refining season for myself and I hope that I'll be able to look back, see all that God changed in me, and be proud of how I spent my time.

It's been a few years since I've written down my new year goals and while they're nothing groundbreaking, I really want to be intentional and see real growth in 2022.


I want to be in and know the Word. I have always read my Bible but when the pandemic hit I finally formed a habit and have been consistently reading it (almost) every day. I want to continue that, of course, but I want to write scripture on my heart. I want to be able to recall and quote scripture in a time of need for myself or others. I want to know the Word so I can know Him better.

I want to work on my sleep schedule. Jeremy and I stay up pretty late and then mornings are hard for me. I'm actually in a really good season of mornings with the boys (they come out of their room at 8am when their "okay to wake" clock turns green and they pretty much leave me alone until I come out) so it's kind of making this goal hard to accomplish. Why would I get up when no one needs me and its so warm and cozy in the blankets? Ha! I really would like to fall asleep around 11 (I'd say 10 but that seems far too unrealistic for myself) and be up and moving by 7am. 

I want to follow less people on social media. I spend most of my time online on Instagram and I am always finding someone new and inspiring. I'm only following 279 people/businesses but I can't keep up with everyone's postings. I'm honestly bored with a lot of what people are posting but for whatever reason, its hard for me to unfollow. I really want to edit down what I am allowing into my online space and keep it an uplifting and creative space. I will still follow a few news sources because one thing I let go of in 2020 was mainstream television news and your girl is never looking back.

I want to put more focus on my shop, homefolk market. I have big plans for homefolk as my boys grow older. Sawyer will be starting preschool next year and I'll be home quite a bit by myself during the day. I love this hobby blog and while I do share affiliate links here and on Instagram, I'm not really interested in taking it further and trying to make it into a full-time job. I'm much more passionate about creating and I hope in the future I'm able to open a homefolk brick and mortar in our little downtown.

I want to finish decorating our home. I know I'll probably never be truly done but I want to get each of our spaces to a place where I'm comfortable calling them so. I spend so much time within these walls and I want them to be a place where we all feel comfortable and inspired. We also function better as a family when everything has a home and that will be my main focus for each space. 

I had the urge to keep going, in true Stephanie fashion (I'm always adding as many things to my to-do list that it would be impossible for me to complete it) but I want to keep it simple and focus on a few things I feel will make the biggest impact in where I hope to be a year from now. I also want to go easy on myself. As I said above, my greatest desire is to be a present wife and mama so if all I accomplish in 2022 is take care of my people than I've done a good job. No matter what the world tries to tell me.😉

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