I know, I know. It's only October. BUT, if you don't pick up what you want when you see it it will be sold out. I wish the stores would wait a little longer before putting everything out but nevertheless, here we are! Some of these things I already own, some I picked up this year, and some I still have sitting in my shopping cart waiting for me to checkout!😅

This post contains affiliate links which means I will receive a small commission if you purchase through my link (at no cost to you).

Pine Wreath With Bells | I have had this same wreath since 2017 and they sell one every year because its so good. I always get asked where its from. Some years I add a red bow (seen below) and some years I display it as is. Its a great transitional piece so I leave it up throughout winter as well.

3-Bell Door Swag | Bells are another classic piece of Christmas decor. I snagged these to hang on the interior of our front door. I'll love to hear them as we welcome guests into our home throughout the holidays.

Botanical Monogram Ornament | I ordered this for myself. Many of the "S" ornaments have been claimed by Sawyer so when I saw this beautiful gold floral option I knew I wanted it for myself. The last couple of years I've missed out on the monogram ornaments because I wait too long. They letters we need always sell out fast so if you have your eye on any go ahead and get them, no matter how early it may feel!

Holiday Plaid Aprons | I quickly added these to my cart. I am very messy in the kitchen and wanted another apron (I have one I use for every day) and this is perfect for all the holiday baking. There's a kids version as well that I snagged for the boys. They love helping me in the kitchen and they'll think they're so fun to wear.

Red Monogram Ornaments | I wanted matching monogram ornaments for all three of my boys (so crazy to say that) so I ordered these as soon as I saw them because as I said above, they sell out quick!

Candy Cane Pillow | I love having festive pillows for the boys' beds and our couch. They're cute and cozy and the boys love them and it's so fun to decorate for holidays with them in mind. This is a very similar option if the one I purchased is sold out or unavailable at your location.

Nativity Ornament | I have a very similar version to this (last years only had Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus) and I love the simplicity of it. I'm always looking for more Christmas decor that points us to the reason we celebrate and last year I realized I didn't have a single nativity ornament.

Brass Candelabra | I thought this was so beautiful. There are a few variations but I loved the small version and think it'd be beautiful on the mantle or on the dining room table. 

Mistletoe | I don't have a great picture of this in our home but you can see it in the photo below. I've had this same one for a few years now. I tied a red satin bow around the stem and I hang it in our entry way. I love the old traditions that surround Christmas decor and this one feels so nostalgic to me.

Santa Mug | I usually pick up a Santa mug or two every year. They're so fun and festive and I love having a mini collection of them. It can be hard to find a cute Santa and I thought this one was a good one.

Holiday Plaid Blanket | I've been on the hunt for vintage wool blankets and have struck out so I was happy to see this one. I love this festive pattern and it will be perfect to have out on the couch through the holidays.

Silent Night Framed Art | I picked this up when I was in store getting the candy cane pillows but I put it back because I wasn't sure where I would put it. I can't stop thinking about it so I'm going to look for a coupon and order it online. I'm always looking for decor that depicts the true reason we celebrate Christmas. I love Santa and candy canes as much as the next person but Jesus is what it's all about.


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