On Saturday, October 8th at 7:40am, while I was one day shy of being 39 weeks pregnant, we welcomed Everett Paul into the world.

I had gone to my weekly appointment that Thursday and everything was looking fine. My blood pressure had started to rise (just as it did with Sawyer) but nothing too serious. My doctor had me do a 24 hour urine collection (boy was that fun...) and we were just waiting for the results. By Friday around 4:30 in the afternoon the office had called me and told me I needed to head to the hospital. My results had come in and there were elevated levels of protein in my urine. I was bummed but somewhat expected to be induced again since my BP had been acting up. As much as I was not ready for my pregnancy to be over, I was ready. I was sick about the entire time. It had been a long nine months.

I hopped in the shower and took my time getting ready and packing up the rest of my hospital bag. We said goodbye to the boys as they left with my parents and by around 7:30pm we were finally making our way to the hospital. I'm so glad we took our time getting there because once they decided that they were, indeed, going to admit me it took forever to get a room. It was 11:30pm before we were settled and anything started happening.

I was 2.5 cm dilated and 60% effaced when we started and so I tried to get some rest because I knew from experience, once they started the Pitocin things would move very quickly. Jeremy fell asleep right away and I watched Shitt's Creek for awhile before drifting off to sleep. Around 3:20am they hooked me up to Pitocin and I was wide awake the rest of the night.

Contractions started shortly after and gradually grew more intense. Around 6:30am I got an epidural. I had really wanted to try delivering without an epidural but I knew that Pitocin can make contractions more painful and intense. All along I told myself that as long as I didn't have to be induced I would go without the epidural. Subconsciously giving myself a way out, maybe?😅 This was my third epidural and by far the best experience. I felt nothing other than the numbing shot. I was shocked because my first epidural was extremely painful. The worst part was trying to stay still through the contractions.

By 6:40am my water broke. I was sitting in the bed and all of a sudden I felt a gush of water. It was in the middle of a pretty painful contraction so I wasn't sure if my water had broke or I had just peed myself. I called for the nurse and waddled to the bathroom. Sure enough, my water had broke. Jeremy texted my mom and told her not to rush but she should start heading our way. I told him to tell her she needed to there because I knew she wouldn't make it if she didn't rush. She arrived around 7:15am.

Shortly after I felt the urge to start pushing and I told my nurse Tesia that I was going to start. She looked at me kind of surprised and said she was going to check where things were at. Sure enough I was 10 cm and it was go time. She got on the phone to call everyone in (why are there so many people in there 😅) and things got moving.

I know the epidural had started to take the edge off because I no longer felt like I might throw up from the pain but it was still pretty painful and I could feel everything. I just kept pushing because I needed him OUT! I only pushed for a total of 8 minutes and Everett was here. After delivery my epidural decided to really kick in and my legs were so tingly. At that point it was just annoying and I really wished I had had enough faith in myself to go without the pain meds but it is what it is!

I felt so much relief and happiness when they placed him on my chest. It had been a long road to meet him and I couldn't believe the moment was finally here. We delayed cord clamping and he latched right away. I enjoyed the first couple of hours holding him skin to skin and looking over his every detail.

He turned a month old a week ago today and I just can't believe it. It goes so, so fast. I love that first month of newborn baby bliss and while I am sad to see it coming to an end I'm excited to keep learning his little personality.

These photos were taken when he was only 10 days old by my friend Michelle (Bambino International) and I'm so happy with how they turned out. I love all the detail shots she got of his features and I'm going to have a hard time choosing which ones to have framed. Everett has already changed so much since these were taken but his precious little face melts me.

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