happy birthday alicia dawn!

Today is my wonderful friend Alicia's 24th birthday! Crazy that we're this old! This picture is from the after party at the Village in Farmersville the day Casey Lee got married (That's been about 2 years ago! Wow, again, crazy!!) & it pretty much sums up Alicia and I's friendship! We're always silly & always looking to have a good time!

Some reasons why I love Alicia:
1. Up for anything & everything.
2. Always finds a table to dance on.
3. The best prank phone call maker.
4. She still loves me even though she knows me.
5. Always there for me no matter what.

Hope you had a wonderful day Alicia!
I love you & am so thankful for our friendship! :)

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  1. Awww thanks!! this made me tear up :) it means so much to have a great friend like you, i love you bff!! your bday is almost here too now, so you can join me in being old hahaa jk! :)