I'm gonna make you girls a hump day treat.

& it's Wednesday.. Ah, mean girls is such a good movie. That's where that line is from in case you weren't aware! I need to watch that, it's been awhile!

I spy...

{My room as I look at it now.}

It obviously is in some serious need of some cleaning, but its midterms week. & I am studying/working on math homework, clearly. (Blogging is such a great excuse for a study break!)

So, yesterday I came across my old xanga site where I used to blog. Just about everyone I know had a xanga at one point and time. It was always so much fun to read what everyone was up to and now looking back, I love that I have those memories. I am of course a completely different person than the girl who wrote those entries. It's weird, I almost don't recognize her.. eh, me. Regardless, it was nice taking a trip down memory lane. Thankful for the wonderful memories, as well as for the hard lessons learned.

I have guests coming this weekend, so my room will be clean!
Clean pictures to follow... :)

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