usa. usa. usa.

I have pretty much watched nothing else this week. If you know me, you know I'm a very patriotic person & that's a big reason I love the Olympics. They make me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. It's kind of embarrassing, but I tear up just about every time I hear our National Anthem played for an American Olympic Champion! :) Which, happens quite often! Right now I'm watching mens figure skating! I can't wait for the womens figure skating to start next week! Hopefully Evan Lysacek can pull out the gold medal tonight! That Russian guy, Plushenko won the gold last year & is doing pretty good so far! But, I have faith! GO TEAM USA! :) Medal Count: USA 17. That's pretty amazing! Ok, well that's enough about the Olympics. We get it! I love them! This week seemed like it went on forever! I'm so happy its Thursday! I babysat tonight, & I have to do so again tomorrow night! Wish I was going out, but better to stay in & make money than go out and spend money, right? Okkkkk! Sorry to go back to the Olympics but Evan Lysacek just finished his free skate & did AMAZING! They said "the skate of his life"! Yayyyy! Ok, I gotta go! I can't concentrate on blogging!

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