Fly to Jesus & Live

My beautiful Grandma :)

Today at 1:10 PM my Grandma Shirley finally went home to Jesus. It's never easy to say goodbye but I find comfort in knowing that she is now in heaven with Jesus and her loved ones who went before her and she is no longer confused. Alzheimer's is a terrible disease and I'm so thankful she doesn't have to deal with it any longer. When we first got to the nursing home to say our last goodbyes, my Grandma's mouth was open just slightly. Within a few short minutes her mouth slowly began to close and she began smiling. It was such a blessing. It was as if she was letting us know she had made it to Heaven and she was happy now. It kind of freaked the Hospice nurse out. haha She said she always sends them to the funeral home with their mouths still open! But anyway, that was kind of special!

This week has been so long and my entire family is exhausted. It's been so nice to spend so much time with everyone, even if it was under these circumstances. We went to Olive Garden tonight for dinner and that was a nice end to the day!

I'll never forget my Grandma and will always be grateful for her. Although she technically was my step-grandmother, she never treated my sister or I any different than the other grandkids. She was amazing and I know she loved us all so much.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers! I love you :)

"..& with your final heartbeat, kiss the world goodbye, then go in peace & laugh on glory's side.. & fly to Jesus, fly to Jesus, fly to Jesus & live."


  1. beautiful picture! i love you... continued prayers. let me know if you need anything!

    also, i love your fall/halloween layout without it being orange! :)

  2. thanks ali, love you too! & i like it too haha not TOO halloweeny! :)