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Today, is my wonderful friend, Lindsay's 25th birthday! I can't believe I just said that! How is it even possible we are this old! It seems like yesterday we were just talking about boys in 8th grade Home Ec! Shew! Lindz and I are vastly different but we have always been really close. She knows how to handle my moods and she loves me even though she knows me. I know I can count on her to always be there!

Last night I threw sort of a surprise party for Lindsay. (When you're poor these are the things you must do - be creative!) Lindz thought just her and I were going to get a bite to eat at El Rancho Grande, but little did she know I had a group of our friends there waiting for us when we arrived! Lindz threw a curve ball at me though! While I was on my way home from work she texted me saying she didn't really want Mexican and asked if we could just order a pizza? Ahh! I just pulled the selfish card and told her that I really was craving some queso & chips! She of course went along with it and obviously understood once the surprise was unveiled! I also had her very own pizza there waiting for her too (thanks for picking it up Alicia!) so it turned out pretty good! The best part is, she was surprised! :)

Happy Birthday Lindsay! Love you! :)

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