Dream House via Road Called Life

I have found the one. The perfect house for me. The only problem? No one in their right mind would give me a mortgage loan!!! I'm not kidding when I say I have fallen head-over-heels for this house! It has so much charm & character & yes, a bajillion projects that need to be done! I love all of the above! The asking price is only $124,900 and yes, I know I don't have even $10,000 to put towards a house but for all the square footage and character you're getting in this house, it's just a shame I can't buy it! And not to mention - the porch is to die for! I dream about rocking in a rocking chair or swinging on a wooden swing drinking some lemonade on a hot summer day. Ahhhh, if only that could happen!!

I daydream daily about paint swatches, fabric, furniture, etc. I cannot get this house off my mind. Although I'm just about 100% positive I will cry when this house goes off the market, I almost wish someone would put me out of my misery and just purchase it already! Until this house is sold I will continue to call it MY house!

It was built in 1852 and it is just so sad to me that a house this old, with that much history is just sitting there empty. Old houses need love and people to live their lives and make memories in them!! It's just not fair that this house (short sale) will probably not sell and then it will be bought back by the bank in a sheriffs auction! Yuck, makes me sick!

So, just incase anyone is feeling mighty generous and wants to get a mortgage loan for me - I will love you forever and ever! :)

PS - I know that picture isn't that great, but I'll probably be sharing more pictures of it soon because as I said, it's always on my mind! :)

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