Reflecting on 2007

*Since I am going to be gone a little over a week & the end of another year is upon us, I scheduled some flashback posts to reminisce on past years! Enjoy this blast from the past known as 2007 Recap! :)

NYE06 - Bringing in 2007 at Donnie's
Are you looking forward to the new year? | Of course!
What was the best part of 2007? | I can't pick just one thing, but all of the things I got to do with my family & friends. Traveling, weddings, parties, concerts, etc. :)
What was the worst part of 2007? | Learning that is OK to be alone.
What was the biggest surprise of this past year? | That I am OK and happy being alone! :)
Did you fall in love this year? | No, I was falling out of it!
What are you most looking forward to next year? | All the wonderful memories that will be made with my friends and family<3 (and moving to Columbus!)
Is there anything you are not looking forward to next year? | School.
What will your new years resolution be this year? | If I make one, I guess just to grow as a person.
What will you be doing on new years eve? | Bringing in 2008 with champagne & friends, & hopefully finding someone to kiss at midnight! ;)
Who will you be with this new years eve? | Duh, my bestests.
Who do you want to kiss to see the new year in? | Anyone. It'll be someone different than the last 5 years. Weeeiirrd.
What change would you like to make in your life next year? | Taking school more seriously & making sure I make the effort to stay in touch with the people I love no matter where our lives take us :)
What change would you like to see in the world next year? | For the war to be over & our soliders to come home to their families and friends.
Will this year be better than the last? | I hope so. Life gets better every year, so I'm assuming so!


Somewhere I have an actual recap of the year 2007 but I could only find this questionnaire I filled out and had posted on MySpace - so this will just have to do! The photo above is from one of my most favorite New Years Eve nights. I always get so excited for New Years Eve and have such high expectations for it and this was one year that actually lived up to it! We were in Louisville visiting Haley & Brock and we went downtown. It was awesome - champagne glass tower, ball drop, etc. It was awesome and a great way to say goodbye to 2007. Come back tomorrow to get a recap of 2008! :)

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