25 before 25

As I said yesterday, I am turning 25 this month and I wanted to make a list of 25 things I want to do before my birthday! Some are from my 101 in 1001 list and some are from the hundreds of to-do lists I have all over my planner! I love making lists but have a hard time following through, so this is my attempt to be better at that!

By March 26, 2011 I hope to have crossed everything off the following list:
01 - Send a card, just because.
02 - Get my nose pierced again.
03 - Buy a lottery ticket.
04 - Start doing a bible study.
05 - Get a massage.
06 - Make Jenny a new blog design.
07 - Take care of my dot com issues for Paisley Card Company.
08 - Design & print business cards for Paisley Card Company.
09 - Start running again.
10 - Start process to get deposit back from landlord.

Disclaimer: I as the creator of this list + the soon to be Birthday girl, have the right to add, delete, omit, edit, etc anything I see fit without being held accountable. :) (Ah, the perks of having your own space on the web to say + do whatever you want!)


  1. Just so you know....you only listed 10 things...NOT 25! :)

  2. so...did you finish these things??