Word to the Wise | Be Content.

July 30, 2012
This is (sadly) a constant reminder I have to give myself. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the material things this world has to offer but does any of it really matter? No. Last Sunday morning, I was hit hard by a link my friend Sheree shared on Facebook and it brought me to tears. So much so that I didn't know if I would be able to get myself to church. I am not a pretty crier. No Miss America cry for me. We're talking puffy nose, red face, the works. Nevertheless, I was able to pull it together and I headed off to the service. I could not get what Ann Voskamp (Author of 'One Thousand Gifts') said out of my head.

"Once we have seen the poor, we are responsible — we will make a response. As long as your heart is beating, there’s no such thing as unresponsive. We all look into the face of the poor and it’s either Yes, I will help. Or no, I won’t. There’s no getting off the hook."

I was hurting so deep because I am responsible and to be honest, I was feeling very guilty. I have been to one of the poorest countries on the planet. Twice. It moved and changed me tremendously. Inside. But what have I really done to help those people? I pray for them a few times a week, I think of them most days, and I sold some Haitian jewelry to support the talented artisans who make it. Big deal.I'm all the time dogging Kim Kardashian for accepting that gaudy "engagement ring" and "if she would have just fed the hungry with that or given to those whose homes are in foreclosure" etc. etc. etc. She may have a lot more money than I do, but that doesn't mean I can't help in my own ways. Haiti obviously holds a special place in my heart so I will always want to reach out to them but there are people around me every day that are fighting their own battles. This isn't a Christian thing or an American thing. It's a HUMAN RACE thing. Don't we have an obligation to help those that we can? How can we continually turn away from those in need just because it's uncomfortable or its inconvenient?

It's pretty obvious that I am working toward a large goal. I want to be my own boss and work full time doing what I love. I get so caught up in how I'm going to make it all happen and trying to be productive and making sure I'm doing everything to make MY life better when I really need to be less concerned with myself.

I had been wanting to paint a chalkboard wall for awhile so last week, I just did it. This was one of the first things I wrote on it and it's still there. And just about every day, I have to remind myself just how true it really is. It's nice to have a little perspective thrown at you every now and then! I feel like I have been given a talent to create beautiful things and I want to be sure that I am not only using that talent for my own benefit. I want to some how, some way give back.

Alright, that's enough for now! I hope you all have a FABULOUS week! :)

In the Studio | Bachelorette Weekend Save the Date

July 26, 2012
Every now and then (OK, a lot of times) I end up with unused design concepts. This is for a couple different reasons. One, I like to give my custom design clients options. I at least give them 2 concepts to choose from and many times, I give them as many as 5. It just depends on how quickly and abundantly the inspiration is flowing. Another reason for left behind designs is, plans change. Which happens to be the case here. My best friends are getting married in October. Yes, plural - how fun that two of my best friends are marrying each other? Yay!

Anyway, I'm in charge of planning the bachelorette party! Originally everyone was going to make the trek south to celebrate here in Nashville but we decided it would be easier if I headed to Ohio and we celebrate there! We will still have a marvelous time, but I am kind of bummed that I won't be sending these babies out! I absolutely love them! I chose coral and teal to play off the red and navy used in the Tennessee flag (that's where the circle and star monogram comes from too!). But, for now, they won't be used so it's back to the drawing board! Of course I will come up with something equally as fabulous and share with you when the time comes! I'll also be sharing Lindsay and Brandon's Save the Dates here in a few days, so stay tuned!

Please excuse the pixelation and discoloration! Blogger's photo loader is not the best! ;)

In the Studio | Country Ladybug Baby Shower

July 25, 2012
Good morning, friends! I hope your Monday is off to a great start! I wanted to pop in and say hello and show you a recent project! Sarah contacted me through my Etsy shop. She came across my Red Gingham Minnie Mouse Invitations while searching for baby shower invites for her sister-in-law. She was going for a "Country Ladybug" theme and thought my invites with one little tweak would be perfect! We switched out the Minnie head for a Ladybug and voila!

Along with the invitations, I designed an enclosure card requesting guests to bring a book to stock Baby Hendrix's library. The little poem was so cute! This is something I've seen pop up more and more recently! (Remember these?)  Sarah also purchased my Kraft envelopes with Red Gingham liners to coordinate with the invitations. Lined envelopes are one of my favorite details! They just make the delivery that much more special! I just love how this invitation suite turned out! I do believe I will never tire of gingham + Kraft.


In the Studio | Jellyfish Wishes Website

July 24, 2012
I am so excited to share this project! I had the pleasure of designing a website for Jellyfish Wishes, an organization that collects cards for children who are spending time in the hospital and need a little cheering up and encouragement. It was started by one of the sweetest little girls I've ever know and is able to continue because her mother, and my friend, sacrifices her time to make it happen! 

This project came together pretty quickly because they were recently interviewed by a local news station and needed to have a web presence by this Friday! There are still a few minor tweaks going but please head on over to their new website to read their story and to leave a little message for them!


Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

July 5, 2012
And, it's over! Well sort of. I'm kind of carrying the celebrations of Independence Day into the weekend. How about you? I spent yesterday out by the pool with friends and family. We had BBQ chicken and ribs. Yum! I don't have much to say today accept that I am so grateful to have been born in this country and equally grateful for those who have sacrificed (& continue to sacrifice) for the freedoms you and I get to enjoy every day. So, thank you!

I also just wanted to share this image from a shoot I had this past Sunday with Michelle from Nixon Photography. The weather was less than what I had hoped for (I was craving that yummy, warm sunlight) but we embraced the wind and were able to pull this flag shot off. I can. not. wait. to see the rest of the images and share them with you!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and have a fabulous weekend! :)